Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Myanmar Dilemma

Already 3 Monks were killed since they started protesting against the rise in fuel prices in Myanmar.
Almost 3000 people were killed during the student protest for Democracy in 1988. But now, Monks are playing a bigger role in the peaceful protests and they are asking others not to interfere. Buddhist monks have a very special role in the highly religious conservative country of Myanmar.

While the Western countries responded with more sanctions, everyone is looking at India. India has maintained a common stance that it is "concerned" about the happenings in Myanmar. That's it !!
Why is World's largest democracy, India's response so muted ??

Since the restrictions started on Myanmar in 1988, China started supporting the Generals as Myanmar is rich with oil. To fuel the growing economies of India and China, fuel is one of the most important ingredients. That's one reason why Indian and Chinese companies are buying foreign oil fields and oil companies in Africa and the former Soviet States.

Myanmar is a gateway for China into the Indian Ocean. Any ship that is going to China has to pass through Indian Ocean and through the narrow Malacca Straits. In a future war with America, China is worried that if Malacca Straits is blocked by the navies of America, Australia, Japan and India, it will have to face grave danger of shortage of fuel. So, it wants a foothold in the Indian Ocean and Myanmar is the best opportunity they have.

India cannot afford a Chinese presence in its neighborhood. Chinese already have a "listening radio station" on one of Myanmar's islands which is very close to India's Andaman and Nicobar Island. There is every valid reason for India to worry.

So, India started befriending the Idiotic Generals of Myanmar. Moreover, The Myanmarese Generals are helping the Indian Army in crushing the Christian dominated North East Indian Terrorists who are based in the deep jungles of Myanmar.

Ideologically, India supports any pro-democracy movement either led by Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar or by Yasser Arafat in Palestine, but the hands of the policy makers in India are also tied up. Even though we hate it, we are forced to ignore the Monk's protests and indirectly support the Generals.

What India should do is to "talk" to the generals and exert pressure on them to let Democracy take root in their country. Give them financial sops and try to bring them on board rather than put sanctions on them. Nothing has come out with the sanctions already in place past decade. New sanctions would not make any difference.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ganesh Nimarjan !

Yesterday (25th September) was the day when all the Ganesh Idols installed throughout the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and also from the neighbouring Ranga Reddy District were immersed into the various lakes abutting the city.

But the main procession started in the Old City and passed through the Mecca Masjid, Charminar, Madina Hotel, Afzulgunj, Moahjam Jahi Market (Karachi Bakery), Nampally, Lakdi-Ka-Pul and culminated on the Tank Bund. Majority of the Ganesh idols were immersed in the Hussain Sagar lake which was built 444 years back.

I took my Mom to show her the biggest idol in South India, the Khairatabad Ganesh which is located just a Kilometer from our place.
After sometime, took my uncle's daughter and walked the entire stretch from Khairatabad to the Necklace Road and the NTR Marg where most of the idols are immersed.

Here are the snaps of the same:
Snaps of Ganesh Nimarjanam on 26th September at Hyderabad

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fundamentalist Secularism - 2

This is my second posting on the same subject. Famous politicians of India are forcing me to do a re-post.

Take the example of Ram Setu controversy which has sent jitters down the spine of the Congress Party. A mistake by one of their Ministers has created a huge problem almost for the entire country. The comments of another two ministers only added fuel to the fire stating the Minister in question should have resigned.

The controversy has cooled down in North India and it has spread now into South India with the famous poet, lyricist, writer, orator, atheist and Dravidian Chief Minister of Tamilnadu jumping into the bandwagon and created more controversies. Being an atheist and with no responsibility, it is quite easy to show accusing fingers at others. He has questioned the existence of Lord Rama and instead of trying to defuse things, he is repeating the same in every possible manner.

The house of his daughter at Bangalore has been attacked by right wing Hindu protesters. It would have made sense if they have tried it on the Chief Minister himself - why on his daughter ?

Entire India, Tamilnadu is famous for its rich Hindu Culture and huge Hindu Temples carved with rock. It is an irony that the citizens of Tamilnadu are supporting an atheist Chief Minister!!

Simple question to the Chief Minister - Can he dare question the existence of Allah or Jesus ?? I dont think he will ever in his life do that !! That is the nature of so called Secular politicians in India.

Their sole existence is based on being Anti-Hindu !!

I always wonder why politicians give more value to the votes of Muslims and Christians who constitute just around 10% of the population while ignoring the votes of the remaining 90%.

That means Hindus are not united !! Problem lies with us - not them. Until we Hindus change our mindset and think unitedly, politicians like Karunanidhi exist.

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Evading Justice

Constitution of India states that Justice should be same for everyone irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed, rich or poor.

But, looking at some of the cases (mostly criminal) past many years, I feel that the Police are shielding the rich and the mighty. Common people are starting to have a doubt on the police and the judiciary too.

Take the cases of Qattrochi in the Bofors Scam, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Balakrishna and most recently the case involving the son of Andhra Pradesh Congress Chief who had allegedly shot dead his friend.

When the Police does a tardy investigation, judiciary has no option but to look at the circumstantial evidence and bail out the culprits.

Police in India by default donot have a good name in the hearts and minds of the people. Cases like the ones mentioned above only make the people more pakka in their opinion towards the police.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are These Roads ??

Rains are good for agricultural sector and also for big cities as it helps in increasing the water table.
But, there are problems with rains. They create havoc with our beautiful roads and put the traffic in chaos.
Fine, the roads tend to give way and the Municipal Corporation has to take steps and fill in the gaps using concrete mixture or Tar.
But, who in the hell will get an idea to put bricks in the middle of the road to fill up the potholes??
Only Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation can do that !!

Below photo is taken at Lakdi-Ka-Pul, just across the road from our apartments.

Recently Hyderabad was declared as A-1 City. Thus, putting it beside the other Metropolitan Cities like New Delhi, Kolkotta, Mumbai and Chennai. A-1 City will get huge funds from the central government so that they can make it as a model city and improve the living standards of its citizens and enable greater investments.

But, is Hyderabad ready for it ?? As a true Hyderabadi, I sincerely doubt !!

Loot at what happened to one of the longest roads in Hyderabad - the Sardar Patel Road.

Due to improper drainage systems, water clog on the roads and thus the roads tend to give away its shine. The entire system of infrastructure had collapsed in the City.

Bhagyanagar has become Abhagyanagar !!

Snaps taken from Eenadu Newspaper dated 19th September 2007.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Hyderabad's Independence !

Today is the day when Hyderabad (entire Nizam State which is composed of Telengana region in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of North Karnataka and Maharashtra) was integrated into the Indian Union in 1948.

While entire India attained Independence from the British on 14th August 1947, Hyderabad could able to celebrate Independence on 17th September 1948. The Nizam of Hyderabad (richest Man in the World in 1947) refused to surrender, Indian Army captured Hyderabad through what is famously called as "Police Action" - thanks to the timely action of India's first Home Minister, and Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The name given to the Police Action is "Operation Polo".
No wonder Hyderabad honored this great man by naming the second longest road on his name. Longest road is Mahatma Gandhi Road.

Qasim Razvi, who headed the dreaded Ittehad-ul-muslimeen slaughtered hundreds of Hindus who are supporting the freedom movement under the leadership of Swami Ramananda Teertha.

The slaughtering forced Indian Army to enter Hyderabad even as the talks were going on between the Indian Army and the Nizam forces.
Indian Army quickly decimated the Razakars and Qasim Razvi escaped to Pakistan, where they were more than happy to give him asylum.

Here are few links that would give you information on the same:
Hyderabad Political History

Razakar Movement

Operation Polo

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Conversion Menace

I was disturbed to read that Christian Missionaries have taken school children into a Hindu Temple at Rajahmundry (around 350 KM from Hyderabad)and lighted Candles.

If they do such things, they should also be ready to face violent resistance from Hindus. Things have changed now. Hindus are not keeping quiet against any attacks on them.

It would be good for everyone if Christian Missionaries stick to charity instead of trying to rake up religious riots.

They should not cry foul if there is a backlash as they are the ones who have started the battle.

Remember what happened in Orissa state where tribals lynched a foreign national who was trying to convert people.

Missionaries should make sure that such things donot happen in our state and it is in their hands to maintain peace.

They should not cross limits.

Dont put your fingers into someone's nose as ultimately it is your fingers that's going to become dirty !!

Live and Let Live...

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Ram Setu !

What is that the Government wants to prove when they contemplated to start the Sethu Samudram Project across the Palk Straits between India and Srilanka ?
Looks like they are trying to destroy everything important to Hindus.
Ram Setu (Bridge constructed by the Monkey Army to Srilanka to help Lord Rama wage a war against the Demon King, Ravana) is mentioned in the Holy Ramayana (written by Sage Valmiki, who is a contemporary of Lord Rama) and till now Hindus "believed" its existance - until NASA came out with the satellite images of Ram Setu. Thus, proving that it is not a belief but it is True.

The same thing happened regarding River Saraswati - which was mentioned in Hindu Scriptures as a River that is flowing below the land and comes out only to meet the Holy Ganga and Yamuna rivers at Triveni Sangamam neat Allahabad. This is also proved correct by Indian Remote Sensing Satellites.

What do we infer from the above ?? Those who wrote these scriptures are not common people. They have wide variety of knowledge in lot of areas.

Coming back to Sethu Samudram Project - Government wants to build a sea route between India and Srilanka - thus saving valuable time and cost as Indian Ships traveling from the West Coast to East Coast have to make a round trip across Sri Lanka.
This is a very good option - unless Ram Setu is not destroyed. It is proved beyond doubt that because of Ram Setu, entire Kerala and South Tamilnadu are not affected by the Tsunami !!

Please sign the online petition against the Ram Setu:
Save Ram Setu

Here is the satellite image of Ram Setu.

Effects of Destroying Ram Setu:
* Destroying the oldest man made structure which is more than 17,50,000 years old.
* Destroying the Coral Reeves.
* Destroying the ecological balance.
* Destroying the natural barrier against natural calamities like Tsunami.
* Destroying the sentiments of more than 800 Million people.

Here is a small video of the Ram Setu:

Note: Open this page in IE so that the Video gets stored at Temporary Internet Folder and from where you can copy this file to your Folders.

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Fundamentalist Secularism !

I was aghast to read news that the Government of India had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that there is no proof about Ramayana or Lord Rama.
How dare the Government say that considering the fact that more than 800 Million people consider Lord Rama as their God.

Can the Government say the same regarding Allah or Jesus Christ ?? I hope it can never ever do that.

Looking at such things, I sometimes feel - Is India (Hindus) being secular for good ??
Why is that always it is Hindus who have to compromise ??
Doesnt the Government feel that there would be a time when Hindus lose their enigmatic patience ?
There are rights for Minority communities. Then, what about the majority community ??
Dont they have rights as mentioned in the Constitution ?


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anti-Conjunctivitis Drops Administered!

As too many employees were been affected by Conjunctivitis, our company took a novel step in getting all its employees administered with anti-Conjunctivitis vaccine.

Our COO, Mr.Ramaraju personally administered to a lot of employees.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Conjunctivitis in Hyderabad !

Conjunctivitis (Red Eye) is rampant in the twin cities.

Listed below are some precautionary measures to help handle the infection from spreading.

Conjunctivitis is highly contagious, so don't share towels, pillows, or washcloths with someone else.

* Change your pillowcase frequently.
* If you get conjunctivitis or other eye irritations frequently, we suggest you boost your immune system to help ward off infections. See Immune System in our Ailments section for products that may help.
* Wash towels and bedding frequently.
* Needless to say, keep your fingers out of your eyes!
* Wash your hands before and after touching your eyes, preferably with antibacterial soap.
* If the conjunctivitis comes at the same time as a cold sore, check with your doctor to make sure the herpes virus has not infected your eye. This is very important.
* If you use makeup, discard any you were using when you got conjunctivitis, as it is probably contaminated and is an easy way to spread it to your other eye.
* Look for berberine as an ingredient in herbal or commercial eyewashes. It is antibacterial and is quite effective against both staph and strep infections, two major causes of conjunctivitis.
* If you normally wear contact lenses, switching to glasses will help the infection clear up faster. The contacts hold the germs in the eye and are also irritating to the eye.
* If you go out in bright sunlight, wear sunglasses. Sunlight irritates pink eye.


"Leaders" Irresponsibility !!

It is quite disturbing to note the behavior of our so-called Leaders during the time of emergencies.
They are the first people to rush to the places where bombs have just exploded. What would happen if there are other bombs hidden ?
They dont want to give time to the security agencies as they would lose the limelight. They are trampling on crucial evidence.
The police have to first take care of the people who are dead and carry the injured to the hospital. The first hour of the incident is very important as lot of lives can be saved.
The politicians and the media were busy doing their "duty" while the police had to just watch at them and the helpless injured waiting for someone to take them to the hospitals.
Dont the politicians have commonsense that they should and must not venture into the ICU talking the the injured.
Even the Media was not far behind. Channel after Channel were barging into the ICU interviewing the injured.

Dont these people have a responsibility ??
We dont have a mechanism to react during emergencies.
Atleast the Government should come out with one.
Better late than Never !

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My Thoughts......

On Saturday, I was driving past Gokul Chat at Kothi(place of bomb blast which killed 31 people) and I was thinking about the innocent people who have died in the bomb blast. After that, I passed through Dilsukhnagar where an unexploded bomb was found under the elevated walk through bridge.

Couple of questions came into my mind:
How were people feeling during the time of the blast as it took an agonizing 30 minutes for the first ambulance to arrive even though it is located in the heart of the city? People were in pain waiting for the ambulances to arrive.

Will people gain confidence to visit such places again in the future. Is the Government taking necessary steps assuring people ?

First of all, is Government taking such things seriously ?

Why would any human being kill other human being just for the sake of religion - even though he is sure that some of the people killed would be from his own religion ?


Are We Safe ?

On Sunday (9th September) the Punjagutta Flyover which is under construction collapsed due to heavy rains.
Four innocent people died as the concrete slabs fell on their cars and three wheeler auto rikshaws.

Who is responsible ??
Are the safety norms followed ??
Had someone checked on the performance of the Contractor ??
How can the Government assure people that steps would be taken and such things would not repeat ??
Does the Government care for its people ??
Are we safe on the roads ??

Is the Government functioning ??


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In-laws House Warming Ceremony !

Hi all,
Would be taking off for Wednesday (5th September) and Thursday (6th September) on the occasion of house warming ceremony of my in-laws at Nagole, Hyderabad.
See you all on Friday !!

Varalakshmi Vratham !!

Varalakshmi Vratham was conducted at Home on 31st August with religious fervour.
My wife, Tripura and daughter Meenakshi can be seen in the snap on the left.

My brother's daughter, Bhuvana can be seen in the snap on the right.

Click on the below link to view the remaining snaps.

Click Here for Snaps