Friday, February 18, 2011

TRS MLA's Physically Attack Lok Satta President, Jayaprakash Narayan

In a shocking incident, Members of Andhra Pradesh Legislature belonging to Telangana Rashtra Samithi physically attacked Loksatta Party Supremo, Mr.Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) at the Media Point in State Assembly premises yesterday.

The reason for the provocation was when JP deplored the obstruction of Governor's speech in the Assembly by TRS Legislators at the Media Point. Knowing this, TRS MLA's came and started arguing with him in vulgar language. At one point of time, KT Rama Rao (Son of KCR and an MLA) was heard shouting "hit him". Another MLA, K.Vidyasagar hit JP on the head abusing in vulgar language which cannot be written here !!

The amount of positive publicity that KCR and his TRS party gave to the Telangana issue is been completely diluted by the irresponsible behavior of their elected members - including KCR.

It is widely claimed that KCR used to sit on agitations only to blackmail the Congress Government and upon receipt of money, he used to withdraw from the agitation. No one can prove this but KCR's behavior also used to complement the myth. KCR planned to withdraw agitation in the night in December 2009 but people forced him to continue it - similar to how Devanand was forced to sit on a fast in the movie "Guide". Continuous breaking of promises by KCR have further eroded his credibility in the people.

Anyone supporting the cause of Telangana were immediately paired with TRS and mocked!!

By this irresponsible behavior by elected members from TRS is giving doubts whether these people have any respect towards Democracy.

Goondas who have attacked need to be arrested at the earliest and their Membership cancelled from the State Assembly and they should never be allowed to contest elections.

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