Thursday, August 24, 2006

Restive Minorities

It was Shab-e-Meraz on Tuesday (22nd August). Muslims commemorate this day as the day on which the Prophet brought in the "Namaz". Muslims spend the night without sleep chanting Quraan and in holy discourses by saints.

But, there were unruly mobs roaming on the streets of Hyderabad creating panic and chaotic scenes. The young muslims, most below 20 years not following any of the traffic rules started pelting many buildings that have glasses with stones. They have not left private transport too. They started attacking people who have started protesting against their behaviour.

Check the following link - if you can read "Telugu"
Restive Minorities

Why are the young Muslims so restive ?? What are their elders teaching them ? Instead of preaching the religion to others, it is time they spare with their kids and make them good citizens instead of seeing them behind bars or becoming a terrorist !!

More to follow.....I need to refine this when I got time !!

Turn Of The State Government !!

Due to incessant rains upstream in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the rivers Godavari and Krishna have seen an unprecedented inflow of water leading to flash floods and marooning of thousands of villages and lakhs of hectares of crops across Andhra and Telengana.

Instead of going about crisis management, the Government had denied that there was any floods at all and some of the Government Ministers started using foul language against the halpess villagers saying "drown in the Godavari".

This government looks more hopeless than the previous in controlling the natural calamities. Looks like the Government is in no mood to learn !!