Thursday, October 05, 2006

Afzal's Death Penalty

The Indian Democracy had given birth to such politicians that they start asking the pardon of those people who are responsible of attacking and killing people at Indian Parliament. There is no comment from the lady who is leading a party from which the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir asks for the pardon. Why have we voted such people to power ??

No one talks when one of the Ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Shabbir Ali, visits the house of a person who is accused of running terrorist camps in Bangladesh. The terrorist died in a firefight with the security forces and the Minister expresses his condolenses to the family.

Why are these so called leaders doing this and why are we electing them ?? Is India safe in the hands of these people ?? Why are we calling them leaders ??

These so called leaders should understand that with their actions, they are unnecessarily provoking the Hindus. Next thing is that these leaders would start visiting the house of those people accused in the Bomb Blasts in Mumbai.

These leaders can do anything.......should never under estimate our LEADERS !!