Friday, November 10, 2006

Massacre of Civilians - SriLanka is the turn of the civilians to become a target of attack in Sri Lanka. While 18 Palestinians were killed two days back by the Israelis, it is the turn of a whopping 48 civilians to be massacred by the Srilankan Army. The Srilankan Army had shelled, of all the places, a refugee center. The hapless people who were already uprooted from their villages because of the offensive from the Army, had got no other option but to sit and wait for the shells to fall on them. Unable to fight the LTTE, the Army started attacking the civilians to put pressure on the LTTE.

The Army is brushing aside the pleas of the Norwegian mediators along with India, the US and UN. They have broke the pledge they gave just 10 days back at Geneva and attacking the Tamil areas with vengeance.

It is high time countries like India to ignore such gross human right violations in its neighborhood. With it's bad experience in the past sending in the IPKF, India should learn it's mistake and take proper steps in ushering in a peaceful future for the small island nation.

As LTTE is a banned organization and all help is stopped to protect itself and it's citizens, countries have to stop arming the Srilankan Army too. How can any country arm an Army that is brutally killing civilians.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Massacre of Civilians - Palestine

In the continuing acts of aggression, Israeli tank fire kills 18 innocent children and women yesterday in the Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun. Just a single sentence of "Regret" from the Prime Minister of Israel and one more sentence from it's God Father, the US.

Instead of making efforts for peaceful settlement of the issue, the Israelis are using their demonic force against the innocent Palestinians whom the entire world had left in the need of the hour.

If the US is supporting in arming Israel, Iran is arming the Hezbollah. I don't see any difference between US and Iran - then why is Iran called as "Evil" ?? If Iran is "Evil" to the only Super Power, that doesn't mean the entire world has to think so.

It is not in the interest of India to hobnob with the US in this scenario where the entire world opinion is slowly turning against the US. The Americans themselves are not happy with what it's government is doing and so....the loss of Republicans in the recent elections itself prove this. American Government had made a Himalayan Blunder in sending its troops into Iraq. It is better for them to pull back the troops and let Iraqis take care of their country. The common American on the road is not happy sending his children half way across the world to fight someones war.

End of one week of war left 60 Palestinians and just one Israeli soldier dead after Israel attached the city of Gaza. In the last four months of brutal attack on Gaza City, 247 lives were lost of which 157 were civilians and of which 57 were children. Who is responsible for this ?? Israeli's should learn how to live in a peaceful neighborhood.

Iran is our longstanding friend and we should not leave them when they need us the most. Iran is that country that is helping India at the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and we need to reciprocate that help. Moreover, India and Iran share similar civilizations and similar societical structures. Iran is the most advanced and modern countries in the Islamic world and democratic countries like India need to cultivate such countries for its own benefit.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Monsoon Tips for Hyderabadis !!

Hi Guys,
Monsoons have started two weeks back but suddenly they have stopped and now again they have started off in Hyderabad.
So, I got a few tips for Hyderabadis to wade through the Monsoon Season:
-> Donot walk on the road after rain stops. Who knows where a open manhole is.
-> Make a note of all the open manholes in your area so that you can avoid them while driving.
-> If possible, please wear swimming dress along with the Oxygen Mask while walking / driving so that if your luck runs out and you find yourselves in a manhole, the Mask comes handy.
-> There are very less trees in the city. Please donot stand under them while it is raining and attract the lightening.
-> Donot stand below electric wires which would always be ready to snap becuase of a slight breeze.

Other Tips:
-> Have a clear idea of the area you are passing through. If you are stuck up in a traffic jam, you can take the by lanes. There are more reasons that you would not reach Home by night if you are stuck up in a traffic jam.
-> Keep your family informed once you are stuck up in a traffic jam.
-> Lucky for us, there is a grievance cell where you can submit online at Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad. If you are more lucky, you can expect a reply within 15 days.