Friday, November 10, 2006

Massacre of Civilians - SriLanka is the turn of the civilians to become a target of attack in Sri Lanka. While 18 Palestinians were killed two days back by the Israelis, it is the turn of a whopping 48 civilians to be massacred by the Srilankan Army. The Srilankan Army had shelled, of all the places, a refugee center. The hapless people who were already uprooted from their villages because of the offensive from the Army, had got no other option but to sit and wait for the shells to fall on them. Unable to fight the LTTE, the Army started attacking the civilians to put pressure on the LTTE.

The Army is brushing aside the pleas of the Norwegian mediators along with India, the US and UN. They have broke the pledge they gave just 10 days back at Geneva and attacking the Tamil areas with vengeance.

It is high time countries like India to ignore such gross human right violations in its neighborhood. With it's bad experience in the past sending in the IPKF, India should learn it's mistake and take proper steps in ushering in a peaceful future for the small island nation.

As LTTE is a banned organization and all help is stopped to protect itself and it's citizens, countries have to stop arming the Srilankan Army too. How can any country arm an Army that is brutally killing civilians.


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