Monday, June 26, 2006

Minority Terrorism !!

India occupies a very unique position in the comity of nations. In other countries, the minorities are pushed to a corner and forced to convert to the majority religion as is happenning in Pakistan and Bangladesh. But in India, it is otherwise. Hindus are lined up and shot at point blank range, their temples attacked by suicide squads and if someone peacefully protests, they call it as Fundamentalism / Fascism and what not.

If something happens in a far off place like Iraq, the minorities in our country, come on to the streets and damage public transport and attack the majority religion people and they call it as Minority Rights.

A few days back, Christian Organizations attacked the Multiplex (Prasadz) at Hyderabad that is featuring "DaVinci Code". People should be broad minded enough to accept criticism and movies are just to spend our pastime and not to take them too seriously. How many scores of movies have we not seen depicting Hindu gods in comic situations and how many books were not written against Hindu Gods. None of the Hindus have gone on to the roads protesting. Violence preaches Nothing. We should be open minded enough to accept "DaVinci Code" as we have accepted "Passion Of Christ".

Nothing happens when a Temple is demolished for construction of a Express way but all hell breaks loose if a Mosque is demolished for the same purpose. Why ?? The answers lies with the politicians who are inciting such a violence and people who have voted them to power. As a developing country and as a country that is trying to get a Permenant Seat in the Security Council, we should understand that Religion should never get in the way of the Developmental Process. Until we understand that, India would Never Prosper.


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