Friday, November 03, 2006

Monsoon Tips for Hyderabadis !!

Hi Guys,
Monsoons have started two weeks back but suddenly they have stopped and now again they have started off in Hyderabad.
So, I got a few tips for Hyderabadis to wade through the Monsoon Season:
-> Donot walk on the road after rain stops. Who knows where a open manhole is.
-> Make a note of all the open manholes in your area so that you can avoid them while driving.
-> If possible, please wear swimming dress along with the Oxygen Mask while walking / driving so that if your luck runs out and you find yourselves in a manhole, the Mask comes handy.
-> There are very less trees in the city. Please donot stand under them while it is raining and attract the lightening.
-> Donot stand below electric wires which would always be ready to snap becuase of a slight breeze.

Other Tips:
-> Have a clear idea of the area you are passing through. If you are stuck up in a traffic jam, you can take the by lanes. There are more reasons that you would not reach Home by night if you are stuck up in a traffic jam.
-> Keep your family informed once you are stuck up in a traffic jam.
-> Lucky for us, there is a grievance cell where you can submit online at Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad. If you are more lucky, you can expect a reply within 15 days.



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