Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pope's Comments !!

When people are already shouting from the rooftops about the "Clash Of Civilizations", a comment from the unlikeliest source creates angry reaction from the Islamic World. The Pope quoted a medieval text wherein it is written that the Prophet had brought only Evil to the world. This is an irresponsible comment which is not expected from the highest authority of the Cathlic Christian Church.

The western world with its arrogancy and economic power is trying to influence other backward countries. The Christians with their Vengeance to convert as many people as possible into their faith had unnecessarily started a war between the communities.
Their persistance in the conversion program had angered many Hindu groups in India. The government and media is criticizing the Hindus when they are retaliating...but is it not the responsibility of the Christians not to antagonize other religious beliefs ??

The case of Christians trying to convert Hindus at one of their most sacred places like the Tirumala and Simhachalam temples have shaken the Hindus. It is better if the Christians stop the conversion campaign initiated by the Pope's.....if not, they have to be ready to face angry retaliations from Hindus !!


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