Thursday, July 13, 2006

Salaam Mumbai !!

The blasts that took place in Mumbai on 11th July had left around 200 dead and many more hundreds wounded. Mumbai had been a favourite place for the Islamic Terrorists as it is a showpiece of India's financial growth and also a very vibrant city where you can find people from all over the country. It is India's "New York".

Earlier, the terrorists were foreign, but it has changed now. They are Indians !! And, most of the blasts are happenning in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and so on where there is considerable population of the minorities. It is easy for the terrorists to commit a terrorist act and mingle with the local populace.

The fighting spirit of an average Mumbaikar is commendable in this situation. The local trains are again full the very next day of the blasts. The extraordinary spirit of Mumbaikars helping victims, carrying the dead and injured, and distributing tea and biscuits to the stranded and back to work the next day.

We Indians have a habit of leaving everything to "Karma". It is time that we send across the border a clear message to the perpetrators of these terrorist activities that WILL NOT forget their atricities and do our best to punish those behind it. It is time that we take the battle to the enemy side and strike them in their cities and whereever they are located. It is time we become Pro-Active.

The problem lies in our Judicial and Policing systems too !! None of the perpetrators of the 1993 Mumbai blasts in which more than 250 dies are brought to book. Dawood Ibrahim (the main culprit for the blasts) was happily living in Dubai and moved to Karachi (Pakistan) when Indian Government put pressure on the UAE Government. After the Americans placed Dawood in their watchlist, the Pakistani Government moved him to the safer areas of Baluchistan or North West Frontier Province.

Instead of blaming Pakistan for every act of violence and waiting for them to respond, it is time that we strike the enemy in their territory. The terrorists who are based in Pakistan should be targeted by the Indian Intelligence Agencies and neutralised and create a fear in them that they should not meddle with us.

Until this is done, none of the Indian cities are out of danger !!


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