Monday, June 26, 2006

Chicken Guinea

Chicken Guinea has NOTHING to do with Chicken or Bird Flu. Chicken Guinea disease is caused by a Virus and Mosquitoes are the carriers of that Virus. This virus is NOT contagious but care needs to be taken while approaching the affected person. This Virus spreads if the mosquito that had bitten the person affected and bites another person.

Care needs to be taken in the following areas:
1) Make sure that the surroundings are Neat and Clean.
2) Use Mosquito Coils / Mats to ensure that the virus would not spread.
3) There are no preventive medicines in Allopathy but they are there in Homeo.
4) Go to the nearest Homeo stores and buy the preventive medicine and use them religiously.

1) Severe Joint Pains
2) Fever
3) Nausea
4) Weakness

Visiting a Doctor is a MUST once you have the following symptoms and DONOT go for self-medication.

Medicines are available in Homeopathy for Chicken Guinea. The allopathy doctors would give Paracetemol tablets and Pain killers. The person affected would become very weak. So, use more juices and tender coconut water.

1) Paracetemol Tablets (Dolopar or Calpol is better)
2) Pain Killers (Anacin, Voveran)
3) If possible, Voveran injection can be taken (only if doctor prescribes)

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