Friday, February 05, 2010

Yet Another Provocation by Samaikya Andhra Politicians

Looks like Provocation and Samaikya Andhra (United Andhra) Agitation go hand in hand. While the Separate Telangana State agitators are using innovative ways like a huge 500 Kilometer Human Chain and Cooking food on the highways throughout Telangana Region, Samaikya Andhra agitators are bent upon provocating Telangana people.

I already wrote about the planned Meeting in Hyderabad of Samaikya Andhra agitators on 7th February here Samaikya Andhra Politicians Provocation.

Andhra leaders are copying what Telangana agitators are innovatively doing - long human chains, cooking on the highways and now, they started to "Walk to Hyderabad". They already started yesterday from Nagarjuna University, Guntur. 57 students are taking part in the walk that covers 75% in Telangana areas, thus directly creating a serious law and order situation. They would reach Hyderabad on 16th February.

Samaikya Andhra leaders have to plan anything in their own areas rather than taking the agitation into the Telangana areas. This is an utter irresponsible act by the leaders who are pushing these innocent students towards creating a dangerous situation.

All these idiotic people need to be arrested before they cross the Telangana borders either near Suryapet or Nagarjuna Sagar or any other places. The leaders behind these innocent students should be put behind bars for creating such a volatile situation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are some of the headlines that came recently.....
Pro-Telangana students clashes with the police

Pro-Telangana students try to storm state Secretariat

Telangana students plan road, rail blockade Tuesday

Telangana students up in arms against pro-Ap movie stars

45 injured as violence breaks out at Osmania University

Violence in Osmania varsity as students clash with police

Telangana violence scaring investors: Rosaiah – Sulekha News

Telangana bandh: Students take to violence on the streets

MPs, MLAs from Telangana resign; violence during bandh

Student Commits Suicide For Telangana State
Who will arrest these idiotic people? Both Telanga and Samaikya supporters should be arrested....

3:07 pm  
Blogger divakar said...

Please check the hon'ble leaders of Telangana...

3:51 am  

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