Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Telangana Leader Mobbed in Tirupati

Chief of the Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh, Mr.Dharmapuri Srinivas was mobbed in Tirupati by Samaikya Andhra (United Andhra Pradesh) agitators using abusive language and shouting slogans like "DS Go Back". The fact that is important to note is that this incident happened in the presence of the Chief Minister, Mr.K Rosaiah who is considered as a supporter of Samaikya Andhra Pradesh.

Looks like Samaikya Andhra agitation has gone out of the hands of the leaders. Till now, Separate Telangana agitators have not mobbed any Samaikya Andhra leader (save just for Lagadapati Rajgopal who was giving statements against Telangana living in Telangana (Hyderabad)).

It is in the hands of so called responsible leaders of Andhra to ensure that bad elements dont snatch the agitation from their hands.

If the attacks on Telangana leaders continue like this then Andhra leaders have to think twice before landing in Hyderabad as Hyderabad is in the heart of Telangana. Telangana people are bearing the Andhra leaders just for the sake of Hyderabad being temporary capital for Andhra Pradesh and Andhra leaders have equal right in living here. But they cannot take that for granted and give comments against Telangana.

The patience of Telangana people depends on how responsible Andhra leaders and agitators behave.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha....all ur posts are quite funny!

Telangana people can do anything...and you will say "save just for Lagadapati Rajgopal".

Why Mr. Dharmapuri Srinivas didn't give any statements against Samaikya Andhra? Then why did he come to Tirupathi? All the Telangana leaders challenged Andhra leader to come into Hyderabad. They challenged even Chiranjeevi. For what? For having a get-together? Ha ha.....are you educated? You are writing these all on your own or just copy and paste?

I know that people who are supporters of Sivasena, RSS behave like this. In Mumbai, RSS/Sivasena says that only Marathis can live there. You guys will tell the same thing if you get Telangana. Do you think you can achieve anything by non-violence. If so, do u think Gandhiji was an idiot?

//If the attacks on Telangana leaders continue like this then Andhra leaders have to think twice before landing in Hyderabad as Hyderabad is in the heart of Telangana//
Did Telangana people came to you and said this? I know you won't publish this comment....Coz you understood that there is no reason for Telangana fight now.

12:53 pm  
Blogger Madhav said...

D.Srinivas came to Tirupati as the head of Congress Party. To refresh your memory, Chiranjeevi still lives in Hyderabad.

You have to observe one thing that Andhra agitators are targeting Telangana leaders while Telangana agitators have not targeted anyone.

When I copy and paste from somewhere, I have the humility to quote the original link and the person who wrote the original article. Check my other posts.

Again, refreshing your memory, it is the RSS which criticized Shiv Sena. They are not together regarding Marathi-Non Marathi issue.

We shall achieve Telangana through non-violence - No matter how much Andhra leaders provoke us.

2:09 pm  

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