Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Political Parties Condemn JAC Member Comments

Political parties across the spectrum have condemned the statement made by one of the members of the Joint Action Committee for Telangana, Mr.P Ravi who stated that if Hyderabadi Andhras donot support Telangana then they wont allow the Andhras who go to their home towns for celebrating Sankranti Festival be allowed back.

It is important to note that the politicians who condemned the statement included those from Telangana too. Andhra politicians and people have to accept the fact that there are always people in agitations who tend to go to extremes. This we have seen in both Telangana and Samaikya Andhra agitations.

BJP leaders Mr.Kishan Reddy and Dr.K Lakshman who hail from Telangana have categorically snubbed the JAC statement saying that Agitations should not be against people and agitations should not cause any harm or problem to the common man. They demanded that JAC leaders have to take back the statement made by one of their leaders. They also advised that JAC leaders show caution while making any statements which can lead to mistrust among people.

Mr. TG Venkatesh, another irresponsible leader from Raayalaseema had called Telangana leaders to come to Raichur in neighbouring Karnataka State for a challenge. He said they would take care of Telangana leaders in Raichur.

Mr.Venkatesh from Raayalaseema is famous along with Lagadapati Rajgopal from Andhra and K Chandra Sekhar Rao from Telangana for making irresponsible statements which are not upto their stature.

Senior Congress Leader from Telangana, Mr.P Sankar Rao had stated that the JAC statement is not in the spirit of Telangana.

Others senior Congress leaders from Telangana like Jeevan Reddy and state minister, Ponnalla Lakshmaiah have asked people not to take the statement seriously as they are made in a highly charged atmosphere where police where persecuting the students and not allowing the students attend the rally.

Even the JAC Convener,Professor Kodandaram reminded that the same Mr. P Ravi had said that they would go to Andhra areas to celebrate Sankranti Festival and invite Andhras to Telangana to celebrate Dasara Festival.

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