Monday, December 21, 2009

Vijayawada MP surfaces in Hyderabad

In a direct challenge to Telangana Movement, Vijayawada Member of Parliament, Lagadapati Rajagopal surfaces in the Nizams Institute for Medical Sciences (NIMS) here at Hyderabad.

This irresponsible act of the Member of Parliament is going to further deteriorate the prevailing law and order situation in the state and mainly in the capital, Hyderabad.

A multi millionaire industrialist, Lagadapati Rajgopal (sitting Congress MP from Vijayawada) gave a skip to Police yesterday at Vijayawada accusing that he is not receiving proper medical care and wanted to join NIMS in Hyderabad.
He walked down two floors and got onto to a car that was waiting for him. I wonder how can a person who is on fast past 4-5 days can walk down two floors and also concerned about his health.

He said in numerous press conferences that he would be ready to die for a Unified Andhra Pradesh. But, suddenly he got concerned for his health and could able to walk down two floors. That kept me thinking what all he was eating while doing fast.

After the declaration of a separate Telangana State, the focus shifted to the huge violence in Andhra areas that already cost the state hundreds of crores. With Rajgopal surfacing in Hyderabad, the focus is back in Hyderabad.

10 days back, when Rajgopal wanted to start his fast in Hyderabad, the Police spirited him away to Vijayawada to thwart any violence due to his presence in Hyderabad. That time, TRS and BJP politicians forced the government to move him out of Telangana.

Let's see what happens now.

Lagadapati was the person who in his 2004 General Elections Nomination Papers has said that he is a father of two despite the fact that he is father of three children. This has created quite a stir at that time.

There were allegations that Lanco Infratech had cheated United India Insurance and New India Assurance, in its works with the Andhra Pradesh Health, Medical Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority took up the case to probe into the irregularities committed by the two insurance companies to favour the Lanco group.

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