Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congress Agrees for Telangana

It is a great day in the history of Telangana. KCR's Fast onto death has it's effect on the Congress party high command.

Central Government agrees for the creation of a separate Telangana State. Celebrations throughout Telangana regions including Hyderabad. The process of the formation of Telangana would start shortly after placing a bill in the State Assembly and then in the Parliament.

Tomorrow's "Chalo Assembly" has been converted into a Victory Parade. Now, the most important things have to be sorted out. Some politicians are demanding that Hyderabad made a separate state / Union Territory but we should not allow such things to happen.

Anyways, it is not the right time for such things. First of all, we got Telangana State.

As India got its Independence midnight, similarly, Telangana got its Independence midnight.

It is 1AM on 10th December 2009. Let me kick the bed with fresh hopes and thoughts for a Economically Developed Telangana.

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Anonymous united andhra said...

u r the most ignorant sob i hav come across in a long time.....hyderabad will be made a ut....its the capital of the whole of andhra pradesh so every andhraite has had an equal effort in developing it so far....a chain drinker like kcr started this fast not from his own will but it being forced upon him by ignorant sob's like u

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you write a blog that KCR is doing fast..first know the meaning of fasting and write a blog. having sline and water is not a fast..and for the first time he breaked the rule of fasting after pressure from students. students and the whole world is cheated for second time by taking saline and saying he is fasting and it is a success..god is there..he will repend.And he is able to wake up in the next minute after the man great KCR telengana hero.

11:34 PM  

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