Thursday, December 10, 2009

Politicians Ditching Telangana Again ??

Looks like all major political parties are trying to push blame onto each other. In a spate of madness, more than 90 MLA's from Andhra and Raayalaseema resigned while almost 5 MP's from the region also resigned cutting across party lines.

Now, Chief Minister Rosaiah says that the resolution on forming a Telangana state would be tabled in the Assembly only after consultations. Now.....looking at the background of Congress Party, every one knows that they would take ages for taking a decision. They are good at postponing decisions. Mr.Rosaiah says that he has to talk to leaders from other areas too. What are these politicians thinking of themselves ?? One day, they say they would give Telangana and the next day, they say that they have to talk to the people from other areas.

How many more times the people of Telangana are cheated ?? Congress Party is proving that it is one of the most irresponsible political parties in the history of the nation. Have they not thought of all these things before taking a decision on Telangana ??

All the MLA's and MP's from Congress have said that they would abide by the decision of the High Command. Now, they are crying foul by saying that the High command took a "Unilateral" decision. Andhra politicians are proving that they are untrustworthy and cunning.

The amount of violence that is taking place in the Andhra and Raayalaseema areas in one day had crossed the amount of violence that happened in Telangana for 12 days.

Now, TDP CEO, Chandrababu Naidu blames Congress for a "unilateral" decision. Is he not a party to the decision ?? He said many times that TDP would support a separate Telangana state if the Government proposes a bill. Now, why is he backtracking ??

All the top politicians of all the major parties are from Andhra and Raayalaseema areas and now, they are just taking the Telanganites for a ride.

These politicians need to be taught a Royal lesson. They all need to be defeated when they context next time in elections. We need to vote to only those parties which have passed a resolution in the favour of Telangana.

It is Telangana NOW or NEVER.

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Anonymous Ramu Yadav said...

Yes.....The announcement of Telangana is the result of the struggle from last 50 years.All the Telanganites were againist clubbing with AP but it happend... took 800 young lives just to take back. where were these ppl when TDP, PRP,Congress who are Heroes for Andhra ppl supported the T-Issue.
Who are they to ask us to be with them...? and why ? just to send our water resources to them by our farmers committing suicides??? What happened was happend Now Only
JAI TELANGANA...JAI JAI TELANGANA!!! Stop ur dirty tactics.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

iTS NOT the mistake of telangana Students, they are innocment, being an Andhra student, after hearing to the Speeches if the external ppl at OU, my blood is boiling, imagine the situation of Telangana student, they will easily get agitated, the external forcing are giving speeech in form for local art, high speechs, which is spoiling the good brain of our telangana brothers......
AP govt intelligence what are u doing, donot you know, that external ppl CANOTgive provocative, speeches in university campus, DNOT you know, political party ppl CANNOT enter university campus and give speecehs what are you doing....

that rightly said, universities should be grounds of education, to live, together in this world, but OU in the name of student unions, lots of ppl are giving speeches of hatred, and separatism, pls watch ABN andhrajyothi online, you can find it yourself,
if the AP govt, Intelligence department is so bad, rosaish should resign and give it to capable person.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Ram said...

When did CBN backtracked on Telangana? He was saying that first discuss the issue and move on to resolution.

When TDP supported the cause of telangana, it is implied that there will be discussion in assembly. Who thought that centre will go with Telangana unilaterally?

4:21 PM  

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