Thursday, December 10, 2009

Political Turmoil in Andhra Pradesh

Politicians are Politicians.

First they said that they would abide by what their High Command decides. Now, after their high command decided to form a separate Telangana State, the politicians from Andhra and Raayalaseema, known for their cunningness are saying that the High Command took a "Unilateral Decision".

Till now, around 60 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Andhra and Raalayaseema Regions cutting across Congress Party, Telugu Desam Party and Praja Rajyam Party have quit against the formation of Telangana State. Congress Government has only a 10 seat majority and now, it has put the Government into a Minority position.

Almost 27 Members of Parliament (MP) are planning to resign putting the Central Government into a Minority.

Congress President, Sonia Gandhi had called all the Congress MP's for a meeting to her residence at 4.15PM today.

End of the day, it would be clear if both the State and Central Governments stay!!

There is a rumour that Government Advisor, KVP Rama Chandra Rao and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy are behind this plan.

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