Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congress Game Plan

The top Congress leadership in New Delhi had given a go ahead for the formation of a Separate Telangana State which will bifurcate (or trifurcate) Andhra Pradesh state. Lot of politicians and Andhrites have accused the Congress of annr Founcing it suddenly without taking everyone into consideration. I discussed this in my previous post Politicians Ditching Telangana Again?.

When a party like Congress which is more than 100 years old takes a decision, they take that decision after due deliberations, getting reports from State Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau, etc. If we analyze the history of Congress party, they might have very very rarely taken back a decision.

The point here is our Future Prime Minister, Mr.Rahul Gandhi is all for smaller states. He has understood that smaller states only be easily developed than states that are bigger than more than 100 countries. That's one main reason why he was supporting a separate Bundelkhand state to be carved our of Uttar Pradesh. If they start directly with Bundelkhand, people would criticize that Congress is doing this only for the sake of Rahul Gandhi. That's one reason they wanted to start this process with a Congress rules state like Andhra Pradesh. Also, Uttar Pradesh has around 80 MP seats and Congress has very less number of MP seats from UP. So, if they trifurcate UP, it is an easy gain for Congress.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Ms.Mayawati understood this clearly and she only came forward to trifurcate the state to snatch the points away from Congress.

Formation of Telangana is just like a pawn in the larger political game that Congress has just started. They are going to split lot of states where Congress is weaker.

It is better Andhra politicians understand this game plan and get used to living in a state whose capital is NOT Hyderabad !!

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