Monday, December 31, 2007

Warangal Tour

I started off with Parents, Wife Tripura and daughter Meenakshi and by the time we left the Hyderabad City outskirts for Warangal, it was around 11 AM on 29th December 2007.
Warangal is one of the oldest cities of India.
It used to be called as "Orugallu".
The Kakatiya Dynasty ruled Andhra Pradesh for many centuries under various able kings until the Qutub Shahi Dynasty brought it down - with Vengeance.

The Hindu Vijayanagar Empire (in the neibhouring state of Karnataka) was brought down by 5 Muslim kingdoms and the cities were flattened down including huge temples and palaces. The destruction of the city of Hampi (world heritage site) is a glaring example.

Similarly, Kakatiya Kingdom faced its destruction by the marauding muslim armies who destructed every thing on their way.
We can see the destruction at various Hindu temples in and near Warangal.

Intricate Carvings at Ramappa Temple:

A General of the Kind Ganapati Deva, Racherla Rudra got this temple built in 1213AD.
The Architect of this temple, Ramappa, was specially invited from Karnataka.
That's one reason why we can see similarities of the carvings here with those at Belur and Halebid in Karnataka.
Ramappa Temple is around 60 KM from Warangal on the Mulug Highway and a diversion at Palampet.
While most of the temples are known from the kings who got them built, this temple is named after it's Architect.

Kakatiya Kings were great devouts of Lord Shiva. Shaivism was the official religion at that time.
But, they ensured religious harmony, which can be seen at Ramappa Temple.
This temple has Lord Shiva as the main idol and we can see smaller idols of other Hindu and Jain Gods and Goddess on the other parts of the temple.
Shaivism was at its peak at this time in both Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

It is beyond words mentioning the carvings. Some of the most astounding ones are:
* One lady sculpted wearing high heels sandles. If you keenly observe, there is a gap between her foot and the sandle when she raises her foot 45 Degrees.
* Ladies sculpted wearing Mini and Micro Skirts.
* This temple is built using sand stone - very difficult stone to make any changes to. If there is a small error, the entire stone has to be thrown away.
* The top portion of the temple is built using bricks which are of so less weight, that they float in water. The reason for using the bricks is that, since the temple is built with sand stone, it cannot bear the weight of the heavy stones otherwise used throughout the temple.
* On one sculpture, they even carved the shade of stone garland on the stomach of the lady !!
* Most of the carvings, we can see even the nails carved in such a way that they look very natural.

By the time we reached Warangal, it was around 6PM and we directly went to the Bhadrakali Temple which is in the center of the city.

Bhadrakali Temple:

This temple is built in 8th Century AD.
Though the image of the deity is called the Bhadrakali, the goddess is said to have been transformed by the mantras into a very rare form called the Tripura Sundari, which includes the Kali form.
Tripura Sundari is regarded as the supreme manifestation of Prakriti - the feminine power which is the vital energy of the universe. Literal meaning of Tripura Sundari is 'The Beauty of the Three Worlds' or more precisely the three Cites or 'Pura'.

From the temple, we checked in at Hotel Ratna costing Rs.900 for each of the two double A/C Bedrooms we booked.

Pakhal Lake:

Got ready by 9AM, had breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant and started off to Pakhal Lake.

Pakhal Lake is located at around 45KM on the Warangal - Bhadrachalam Highway. Pakhal is around 12 KM from Narsampet, the nearest village with better facilities.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is a man-made lake, completed in 1213 AD by the Kakatiyas. The sanctuary is spread over 860-sq-km consisting of a large plateau surrounded by low hills. The environment and the Pakhal Lake form the core area of the sanctuary. The vegetation consists of tropical dry deciduous mixed forests, bamboo and mixed teak forests.

Its natural scenic beauty and landscape is extremely beautiful and captivating, which makes this place worth visiting. This sanctuary consists of a large plateau surrounded with low hills. The Pakhal Lake and its environs form the core area. Altitude ranges from 280-300 ft.

The only problem we faced here is that the Government Tourist Building was blasted off by the left wing Naxalites and since then, the Tourism Department did nothing to develop this place.
Same time, the Forest Department is not encouraging the tourist department as the facilities would attract more people, thus endangering the sensitive bio-diversity at that place.

By the time we reached Warangal, it was around 1PM. We directly went to the Warangal Fort.

Warangal Fort:

This fort was built by the Kakatiya King, Prola Raja at around 1250AD and it was extended and improved during the time of King Ganapati Deva and his daughter, Queen Rudramamba (1289AD).

This Fort is still under use and lot of people live in this fort.
Marco Polo visited Warangal in 1293 AD and praised the administration of Queen Rudramamba.

The great Swayambhu Temple is marked by four huge gates - which are strangely, still existing even after the destruction by Muslim Rulers.

The destructor's left the Gates as they are but wiped out the Temple.
The Archaeological Survey of India took pains in reconstructing 10% of the original temple.

From Warangal Fort, we visited the 1000 Pillar Temple.

1000 Pillar Temple:

This temple was constructed under the reign of the Kakatiya King, Rudra-1 in 1163 AD.
The carvings at this temple resembled the Ramappa Temple.

The interesting fact is that exactly 1000 pillars are carved in this temple.
The Archaeological Survey of India is reconstructing part of the Temple.

From the 1000 Pillar Temple, we went directly to Hotel Ashoka, had our lunch and from there, went to our Hotel Ratna.

We started off to Hyderabad at 5PM and reached Home at 8PM.

While we remembered the intricate carvings, we were also at pain as most of the carvings were destructed.
These temple remind us that only when we are united, we can stand against any army.
India was united under the King Purushottam (Porus) and we could able to halt the victory march of marauding armies of Alexander.
Alexander is forced to retreat and his army was attacked throughout his journey through India (present areas of Multan and Baluchistan in Pakistan).

Since we were not united, the Muslim armies could able to hand us a defeat where they not only defeated the army but also attacked and looted our holy temples. At some places, they destructed the temples and using the same pillars, they constructed Mosques.

History is a lesson for us to stand United !!

Click Here For The Snaps Of The Tour

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Warangal Tour Plan

It's been a while since we went on a family trip.
So, we initially laid a huge plan of traveling around 1500 Kms.
But, since Meenakshi is still 7 months old and cannot take the journey, we changed our plans to a much shorter journey.

We will be leaving for Warangal tomorrow (saturday) morning.
Warangal is ancient capital for Kakatiya Kingdom since 6th Century AD.
It is around 160 KM from Hyderabad.

Plan for Saturday:

Leave Hyderabad by 8AM and reach Warangal by 12PM.
Check-in into a hotel and then visit the Thousand Pillar Temple in the town.
Then visit the Warangal Fort.
After that, visit the Ramappa Temple which is around 60 KM from Warangal near Palampet.
If time permits, visit the Ramappa Lake and also the group of temples at Ghanpur which is near Palampet.
While coming back, visit the Lord Krishna Temple built by Sundara Chaitanya Ashram.

Plan for Sunday:

Visit the Bhadrakali Temple built in 625 AD.
Visit the Pakhal Lake which is around 60KM from Warangal on the Narsampet Road.
If time permits, visit the Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple at Ayinavolu - around 12 Km on the Warangal - Khammam Highway.

Come back to Hyderabad by evening.
Let's see how the plan goes !!

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Future Telengana Chief Minister Dies

Khairatabad MLA from Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Mr.P. Janardhan Reddy passed away an hour back due to a massive heart attack.

He was attending a Congress Party program when he collapsed due to low blood pressure. He was rushed to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences where he was brought dead. Doctors concluded he died of heart attack.

He has represented Khairatabad Assembly constituency for almost 20 long years in the state assembly.

He is one of the senior most leaders of the Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh state. Of late, he has been campaigning for separate state of Telengana and is one of the "Hyderabad Brothers" - the other being Sanathnagar MLA, Mr.Shashidhar Reddy.

Even though he has the mettle to become the chief minister of the state, internal politics in the Congress Party never let him occupy the coveted post.
He is one of the most reachable MLA's in the state assemble and is considered very close to the poor and downtrodden.

Andhra Pradesh has lost a very able Leader and a great set back to the pro-telengana elements in the Congress Party.
He would have become Chief Minister of a separate Telengana state.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Head of Pakistan People's Party, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan today at 6.16PM PST.
She is survived by her husband, Asif Ali Zardari and three children.
Her Father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hanged by then Army Chief, General Zia ul Haq in 1979.
Within another year, her brother Shahnawaz was killed under suspicious circumstances in France.
The killing of another of her brothers Mir Murtaza in 1996 contributed to destabilizing her second term as prime minister.
Now, she faced a similar violent death in the hands of terror.

Possible suspects are the Taleban, Al Qaeda and particularly, Baitullah Mehsud, the head of the Pakistani Taleban.
People also blame the Pakistani Army in general and President Mushraff in particular for lack of security arrangements.
In October, around 150 people died in an attack aimed at Benazir Bhutto at a rally marking her return to Pakistan after a self imposed exile.

President Mushraff allowed back Bhutto after a deal with the later.
But, the deal fell apart as President Mushraff imposed Emergency in Pakistan.

Bhutto was shot as she was getting into the car after addressing thousands of supporters to canvass votes for the January 8 parliamentary election.
Before her supporters realized what had happened, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the rally at the Liaquat Bagh Park.
Two persons on motor cycles fired at her with AK-47 rifles hitting her on the neck and chest.
While she ducked, a suicide bomber blew himself up killing more than 20 people and injuring 40 others.
No one approached her car for 10 minutes suspecting more bombs.
Then, she was rushed to Rawalpindi Government Hospital where she succumbed to injuries after 40 minutes.
Final reports are yet to come and it would be more clear by tomorrow.

With the loss of Benazir, India lost a valuable partner who has vision to mend ties with India and take her country forward.
Now, Mushraff has no option but to make a deal with former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.

Dark days ahead for Pakistan and for the rest of the South Asia.
Only future will tell what's in store for the security and stability in South Asia.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Development or Ideology

This was the dilemma that Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat had before he kick started his election campaign.

He was running for the office of Chief Minister for a record third time heading 55 Million Gujaratis. All his meetings, he was showcasing "Vibrant Gujarat" with all the developmental works he had done past 5 years.

He was elected with a record of 117 Members of Legislative Assemble (MLA's) out of a total of 182 seats. The Congress Party and its allies were halted at 62 seats.

Even though BJP lost 9 seats to its previous tally of 126 MLA's, the margin hardly mattered as the Congress was in a hopeless situation. While the BJP was celebrating, the leaders of Congress Party switched off the cell phones, shying away from the media.

This is another debacle (after been routed in Uttar Pradesh by Mayavati's BSP) for Congress Party and in particular to it's President, Sonia Gandhi as she tried once again to project her son, Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister -in-waiting.

Some of the achievements of Narendra Modi are:

* Value of farm output has grown four times during his reign.
* School drop-out rate was down to 3% from over 40%.
* All villages, without exception, were getting 24 hour, 3 phase power for homes.
* The pipelines and canals fetching Narmada water, more than 140,000 check-dams and village ponds across the state had solved the drinking-water and irrigation problems in a state that was perennially drought-prone, arid and dependent on water-tankers ferrying expensive water.
* The number of registered unemployed in Gujarat had actually declined by over 15%.
* Narendra Modi's individual charisma and clean image as a most uncorrupted politician became a huge advantage.
* To top it all, the past five years were riot-free, curfew-free, and despite being targeted by several terror groups from across the borders, terror-strike-free.

Modi's Cultist Image:

This election was all about Narendra Modi. None of the local issues were highlighted and this election looked like a referendum on Narendra Modi.

The English language media which hates Modi, had indirectly helped him by keeping him in the limelight in what it considered as highlighting Modi's misdeeds. As the thumping results show, it boomeranged on them.

Modi's personality of being a macho man with a 56 inch-size chest, a leader who toils for Gujarat, a politician who will get things done in New Delhi and the Hindutva hero who will keep Muslims under control - all these, each in its own way, has helped him win the votes of a majority of Gujaratis.

Gujaratis, who are entrepreneurial and hardworking loved their chief minister who would attend office from morning till late in the night. Also, his decision to sack one-third of the sitting MLA's proved advantageous. He thus overcame anti-incumbency factor in a big way.

Blunders by Opposition Congress Party:

* The Congress gave too much of importance and relied on the dissident Patel leaders in BJP. The public just shunned the dissident leaders and romped home the chief minister.
* Sonia in her very first day of the campaign, called those who ran Gujarat "merchants of fear and death". The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh said a "reign of terror" existed in Gujarat and as if that wasn't enough, one of the party general secretaries, Digvijay Singh commented about "Hindu terrorists" in Gujarat.
* Bitter infighting in Congress resulted in no viable candidate to counter Modi's charm and charisma.
* Congress Party's personalized campaign against Modi boomeranged against them. They should have delved more on rise in prices !
* Congress was from the beginning, fighting for the sake of survival and existence instead of a strong opposition party.
* Being the head of the oldest party in India, Sonia Gandhi had stooped to the level of the Chief Minister of a state. Sonia has been a disappointment. Sonia Gandhi indirectly helped Modi increase his stature in the national politics.

Contrary to belief's, the Gujarat elections is not about Hindu Nationalism or Congress pseudo-secularism. But, it was a referendum on Modi's economic agenda which does not have a populist component.

While everyone was expecting a close call, the above statement by Sonia, which was over and over again stated by many of Congress leaders, had closed the elections in favour or Narendra Modi.

Modi, who was concentrating more on his developmental works had to shift focus towards defending Gujarati pride and Hinduism because of the idiotic planning of the Congress.

Congress handed over Gujarat to Modi !!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Srisailam Trip With Colleagues

It was a team outing after a very long time. Out of 9 members in the SEO Team, only 4 of us took the trip as others were busy with their own personal plans for the weekend.

Along with me, Srinivas, Ravi Kiran and Ranjeeth started off at 8AM on 15th December to Srisailam on my brother's car, Tata Indigo Marina !!
Everyone was eager for this trip and got readied as planned.
Srinivas (from Panjagutta) and Ranjeeth (from Ameerpet) came to my house and we picked up Ravi Kiran (from Ashok Nagar) on the way.
Had our breakfast on the way at Santosh Nagar, filled up the diesel tank at Chandrayanagutta and set out to Srisailam.

DAY 1 (15th December):
Mallela Theertham:

This place is a 8KM diversion from the highway around 30 KM before Srisailam.
Took the 8KM muddy road and after that 350 steps down to the beautiful waterfalls.
The forest department objected to a metal road. So, had tough time on the muddy road.
It would be very difficult during rainy season.
So, the best season to visit this place is from October till January when there would be good amount of water.

Locals informed us that water falls would be throughout the year - but, we had serious doubts on it.

The waterfalls is in the midst of the thick jungle.
The sight of the water directly falling on a Shiva Lingam is mesmerizing.
Since we were not prepared to get wet, we just took some snaps at the water falls and took the torturous journey of 350 steps back to our car.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For Snaps Of Mallela Theertham


We reached Srisailam at around 3PM, skipping our lunch, booked in a hotel (Ganga Sadan), went to the boating point.

We took a cable car down to the River Krishna and then did boating near the dam area. (Rs.60/- per person)
Came back up through the cable car and then we set out for Shikhara Darshanam.
People believe that if we can spot the golden "Kalash" on top of the Sanctum Santorum of the temple from the Shikharam, we would not have another "janma" (birth).
We would attain "Moksham" !!
Alas, with the thick growth of forest, it was impossible to spot it.
Shikharam is around 15KM from Srisailam, on the road towards Dornala and Mahanandi.
On our way back, we went to Phaala Dhaara Pancha Dhaara.
This is the place where the great saint, Adi Shankaracharya did penance and wrote two books, Soundarya Lahari and Shivananda Lahari.

Went to our Hotel, got freshen up and then went to the Lord Shiva Temple for Darshan.
Srisailam is one of the 12 Jyothirlingams in the country and is also called as Dakshin Kashi.
Had our dinner at AP Tourism Hotel and came back to our hotel for a good night sleep as we have planned for a very busy schedule the next day.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For Snaps Of Srisailam

DAY 2: 16th December
Akkamahadevi Temple:

Got up early (8AM) and went again to the temple for Darshan of the Lord.
Heavy rush was there since it was a Sunday.

After darshan, had our lunch and directly went to the boating spot.
It was a 16Km journey upstream in the Krishna River.
Akkamahadevi was a saint from Karnataka State who did penance on Lord Shiva in the cave system nearby.

It was a small cave system but very narrow and with lots of bats inside which made it very scary as there were literally no lights.
Luckily the guide who came along with us, brought a Battery Light and I too carried a battery light along with me and this helped us a lot.
Our guide was a Muslim and he explained all the Hindu mythologies and the story around Akkamaha Devi with the same interest that a Hindu would explain.
Since time was there, we climbed that mountain and peeped into other cave systems nearby.

This trip costed Rs.150/- per each person and if we want tickets, we need to book them by 9AM and the boat starts at around 10.30AM.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For The Snaps Of Akkamaha Devi Caves

Ishta Kameshwari Temple:

By the time we came back to our Hotel, it was around 3PM and we skipped lunch for the second day.
Then, we hired a local Mahindra Jeep (Rs. 1200/- for four of us) for this trip.
But, if the jeep is full (atleast 10 people), then the impact of the bumps would be minimal.

So, while coming back, we gave a ride to 4 people who were stuck up there.
Ishta Kameshwari Temple is around 25KM from Srisailam, on the road towards Dornala and Mahanandi.
This place is 10 KM from Shikharam and this 10 KM stretch is the most exciting part which forced us to hire a Jeep instead of our car.

The Jeep was specifically marketed by Mahindra company targeting the rural segment.
Such was the state of Indian roads.
The temple is very small where we need to crawl into it and do puja ourselves and come out.
It was located in the middle of a dense forest and in a tribal village.
The forehead of the idol where traditional Hindu Bindi is kept is as soft as the forehead of an ordinary female.

By the time we reached back to Srisailam, it was around 7PM.
We took bath and went to the AP Tourism Hotel for dinner.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For The Snaps Of Ishta Kameshwari Temple

DAY 3: 17th December
Bheemuni Kolanu:

If all the above places are kept at one side, Bheemuni Kolanu can be kept at the other side and it would be a perfect balance.
Bheemuni Kolanu is a place where during the Mahabharata period, the mighty warrior, Bheema when felt thirsty, created this pond (kolanu).
To reach this place, we have to take the road opposite to Phaala dhara pancha dhara.
Go in the muddy road for 5KM which is full of rocks.

Driving this road during rainy season would be next to impossible.
End of the road, we need to park our vehicle and climb down three hills and in the bottom of the third hill is Bheemuni Kolanu.
It took us one and hours for us to walk down the hills and another two hours to climb back.
When we took the road, there was no help for us. After driving for sometime, the road became almost unmotorable.

Then, we walked to a distance and decided to return back as there was dense foilage around the narrow road.
This area is famous for Tigers, Cheetah's and Bears.
Since we didnt want to take any risk further, we returned back.
Then we saw a guy walking towards us.
He gave us valuable information and told us that there is no risk during the day time.
By the time we came back to Srisailam, it was around 12.
We had our lunch and then set our to Hyderabad and reached Hyderabad at around 5PM.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For The Snaps Of Bheemuni Kolanu

Ultimately, this is what Srinivas says about our trip:

Four of us we were, started with mood upbeat
hogs we were not but adventure took the heat
the car was black but our smiles spelt white on close up teeth
the number plate was hanging loose
so with string we tied it up and said dance to the music and rock the winds
mallella theertham was our first halt, it aint niagara but it had its own magic
deep in the gorge the waterfalls spelt sprinkling music, the aura was majestic
351 steps we climbed down and 351 steps we climbed up with halt every 50 steps
farther up the srisailam dam stood tall and huge,
no gates were open no water plunged from heights
but the bridge across was not that far but it shaked to our steps and soft beats
we took the ropeway and travelled width and breadth on boat and river waters
akkamahadevi caves said bats,16miles you travelled across to visit
dont scare us with your candles and torch the heat
the road map to ishta kameshwari was rugged and splintered with rocks amid forest deep
mahindra jeep said we take pride in our journey proving our mettle in cross country wild
disco was never so sweet rocking to the nature we sat with tension, holding breath
we breathed a sigh when it was all over and said
what a ride to remember and thanked our driver with plenty of tip
but that was not all, when beemuni kolanu invited us to take a pitch
we climbed down a mile with steps on gorge, one, two, three mountains deep,
sticks guarding from bear and monkey and what other animals roamed wild and hills steep
while our guide was a wild hog, carrying 50kg grass on his back to sell for cows and sheep
what a journey said we, four of us were we
the car was black but our smiles spelt white on close up teeth
a spiritual adventure was never so sweet
so we thanked god and said we cherish your spirit and glad to worship.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meenakshi Ear Piercing

Meenakshi's Ear Piercing took place yesterday (19th December) at in-laws place at Nagole, Hyderabad.

She cried loudly for the first ear but decreased the pitch for the second ear and within 15 minutes, she is all well and playing.

On a closer look, you can see the lovely ear ring dangling to her ear!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Team Outing Plan At Srisailam

Hi Guys,
Atlast, a team outing on the cards !!
Out of total 9 members in our team, 3 ladies opted out outright.
Two guys also opted out with varying reasons.
So, the rest of the 4 of us will go ahead with the initial plan.
We will leave from Hyderabad on 15th December and come back late in the evening on 16th.
We will go on my brother's Tata Indigo Marina car.

We have decided to the temple town of Srisailam - famous for Lord Shiva Temple, Krishna River and the huge Srisailam Dam, hills around and the best part is that it is located in the midst of the dense Nallamalai Hill Ranges.

Srisailam is around 220 KM from Hyderabad !!

We couldn't able to book the rooms at AP Tourism as there are no vacancies for those dates. So, we have to go there and find out.

Here is the Plan:
DAY 1:
* Reach Srisailam by 1PM
* Freshup and have lunch
* Go to the cable cars and visit Akkamahadevi Caves or boating at dam site.
* Visit Phaaladhara and Panchadhara - the great saint, Adi Shankaracharya wrote his famous book, "Shivananda Lahari" at this place.
* Come back, freshup and visit the temple
* Go back to the room, have dinner and sleep.

DAY 2:
* Getup, freshen up and visit the Temple.
* Have breakfast and visit Ishta Kameshwari Temple.

* Ishta Kameshwari Temple
* Mallela Teertham
* Bheemuni Kolanu

Once we get information on the above three, we would visit them too. As this areas is famous with left wing guerrillas, who are called as "Naxalites", some places may be off limits to the common man as security forces would be combing the forests for Naxalites !!

Scary na.....that's one reason why we want to go there.

List of all the Shivite Jyothirlingas in one single Sanskrit Sloka (Verse):

Saurashtre Somanaatham Cha Sree Saile Mallikarjunam
Ujjayinyaam Mahaakaalam Omkaare Mamaleswaram
Himalaye to Kedaram Daakinyaam Bhimashankaram
Vaaranaasyaam cha Viswesam Trayambakam Gowtameethate
Paralyaam Vaidyanaatham cha Naagesam Daarukaavane
Setubandhe Ramesham Grushnesam cha Shivaalaye ||

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Meenakshi's First Zoo Trip

Last Sunday (9th December), we went to Hyderabad Zoo. That was Meenakshi's first trip to Zoo - her first outing in her life!!

She was more interested in looking at the towering trees than at the animals. We were accompanied by my parents, brother, sister-in-law and their kid, Bhuvana. Bhuvana was more interested in Monkeys !!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why Are These Bastards Elected ??

Due to one small altercation, 16 children perished in the Government run Niloufer Children's Hospital in Hyderabad.

The person in the eye of the storm is Karwan MLA, Mohammed Afsar Khan (Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly in Andhra Pradesh State). I thought it prudent not to put his image here so as not to scare away readers of this post.

The trouble started when one person, Juwaid Khan brought his daughter to the hospital for treatment. At that time the doctors were busy and he started an altercation with the doctors accusing them of not caring for the child and thrashed the Doctor on duty. The Doctors complained to the Police and Juwaid was immediately arrested by the Hyderabad City Police.

Now, the honourable MLA, who is elected by the people comes with a compromise formula and during heated arguments, his goons thrash few more senior doctors. The MLA himself looses cool and manhandles one Dr. Suresh in front of the Police. This incensed the Doctors and they went on a flash strike.

The police books a case just under nuisance sections while the doctors insist he be booked under criminal offense as he had manhandled doctors.

It is to be noted that this same honourable MLA is involved in an attack on writer, Taslima Nasreen on 9th August at Hyderabad.

Being from Muslim community, the Government was not ready to arrest the MLA, which might lead to riots in the old city.

Meanwhile, 16 innocent children died past couple of days due to doctors strike and non-availability of essential medicine.

Who is to blame for all this ?? The MLA or the Doctors or the Government who is not in a position to arrest a person who instead of maintaining decorum and dignity, uses filthy language before the media and provokes his goons to attack doctors and police.

Why is this insane person getting elected by the Muslim majority population of his constituency ? Why is this guy so violent and doesn't follow any written laws and why is the Government standing naked in front of him ??

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