Monday, December 24, 2007

Srisailam Trip With Colleagues

It was a team outing after a very long time. Out of 9 members in the SEO Team, only 4 of us took the trip as others were busy with their own personal plans for the weekend.

Along with me, Srinivas, Ravi Kiran and Ranjeeth started off at 8AM on 15th December to Srisailam on my brother's car, Tata Indigo Marina !!
Everyone was eager for this trip and got readied as planned.
Srinivas (from Panjagutta) and Ranjeeth (from Ameerpet) came to my house and we picked up Ravi Kiran (from Ashok Nagar) on the way.
Had our breakfast on the way at Santosh Nagar, filled up the diesel tank at Chandrayanagutta and set out to Srisailam.

DAY 1 (15th December):
Mallela Theertham:

This place is a 8KM diversion from the highway around 30 KM before Srisailam.
Took the 8KM muddy road and after that 350 steps down to the beautiful waterfalls.
The forest department objected to a metal road. So, had tough time on the muddy road.
It would be very difficult during rainy season.
So, the best season to visit this place is from October till January when there would be good amount of water.

Locals informed us that water falls would be throughout the year - but, we had serious doubts on it.

The waterfalls is in the midst of the thick jungle.
The sight of the water directly falling on a Shiva Lingam is mesmerizing.
Since we were not prepared to get wet, we just took some snaps at the water falls and took the torturous journey of 350 steps back to our car.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For Snaps Of Mallela Theertham


We reached Srisailam at around 3PM, skipping our lunch, booked in a hotel (Ganga Sadan), went to the boating point.

We took a cable car down to the River Krishna and then did boating near the dam area. (Rs.60/- per person)
Came back up through the cable car and then we set out for Shikhara Darshanam.
People believe that if we can spot the golden "Kalash" on top of the Sanctum Santorum of the temple from the Shikharam, we would not have another "janma" (birth).
We would attain "Moksham" !!
Alas, with the thick growth of forest, it was impossible to spot it.
Shikharam is around 15KM from Srisailam, on the road towards Dornala and Mahanandi.
On our way back, we went to Phaala Dhaara Pancha Dhaara.
This is the place where the great saint, Adi Shankaracharya did penance and wrote two books, Soundarya Lahari and Shivananda Lahari.

Went to our Hotel, got freshen up and then went to the Lord Shiva Temple for Darshan.
Srisailam is one of the 12 Jyothirlingams in the country and is also called as Dakshin Kashi.
Had our dinner at AP Tourism Hotel and came back to our hotel for a good night sleep as we have planned for a very busy schedule the next day.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For Snaps Of Srisailam

DAY 2: 16th December
Akkamahadevi Temple:

Got up early (8AM) and went again to the temple for Darshan of the Lord.
Heavy rush was there since it was a Sunday.

After darshan, had our lunch and directly went to the boating spot.
It was a 16Km journey upstream in the Krishna River.
Akkamahadevi was a saint from Karnataka State who did penance on Lord Shiva in the cave system nearby.

It was a small cave system but very narrow and with lots of bats inside which made it very scary as there were literally no lights.
Luckily the guide who came along with us, brought a Battery Light and I too carried a battery light along with me and this helped us a lot.
Our guide was a Muslim and he explained all the Hindu mythologies and the story around Akkamaha Devi with the same interest that a Hindu would explain.
Since time was there, we climbed that mountain and peeped into other cave systems nearby.

This trip costed Rs.150/- per each person and if we want tickets, we need to book them by 9AM and the boat starts at around 10.30AM.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For The Snaps Of Akkamaha Devi Caves

Ishta Kameshwari Temple:

By the time we came back to our Hotel, it was around 3PM and we skipped lunch for the second day.
Then, we hired a local Mahindra Jeep (Rs. 1200/- for four of us) for this trip.
But, if the jeep is full (atleast 10 people), then the impact of the bumps would be minimal.

So, while coming back, we gave a ride to 4 people who were stuck up there.
Ishta Kameshwari Temple is around 25KM from Srisailam, on the road towards Dornala and Mahanandi.
This place is 10 KM from Shikharam and this 10 KM stretch is the most exciting part which forced us to hire a Jeep instead of our car.

The Jeep was specifically marketed by Mahindra company targeting the rural segment.
Such was the state of Indian roads.
The temple is very small where we need to crawl into it and do puja ourselves and come out.
It was located in the middle of a dense forest and in a tribal village.
The forehead of the idol where traditional Hindu Bindi is kept is as soft as the forehead of an ordinary female.

By the time we reached back to Srisailam, it was around 7PM.
We took bath and went to the AP Tourism Hotel for dinner.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For The Snaps Of Ishta Kameshwari Temple

DAY 3: 17th December
Bheemuni Kolanu:

If all the above places are kept at one side, Bheemuni Kolanu can be kept at the other side and it would be a perfect balance.
Bheemuni Kolanu is a place where during the Mahabharata period, the mighty warrior, Bheema when felt thirsty, created this pond (kolanu).
To reach this place, we have to take the road opposite to Phaala dhara pancha dhara.
Go in the muddy road for 5KM which is full of rocks.

Driving this road during rainy season would be next to impossible.
End of the road, we need to park our vehicle and climb down three hills and in the bottom of the third hill is Bheemuni Kolanu.
It took us one and hours for us to walk down the hills and another two hours to climb back.
When we took the road, there was no help for us. After driving for sometime, the road became almost unmotorable.

Then, we walked to a distance and decided to return back as there was dense foilage around the narrow road.
This area is famous for Tigers, Cheetah's and Bears.
Since we didnt want to take any risk further, we returned back.
Then we saw a guy walking towards us.
He gave us valuable information and told us that there is no risk during the day time.
By the time we came back to Srisailam, it was around 12.
We had our lunch and then set our to Hyderabad and reached Hyderabad at around 5PM.

Link For The Snaps:
Click Here For The Snaps Of Bheemuni Kolanu

Ultimately, this is what Srinivas says about our trip:

Four of us we were, started with mood upbeat
hogs we were not but adventure took the heat
the car was black but our smiles spelt white on close up teeth
the number plate was hanging loose
so with string we tied it up and said dance to the music and rock the winds
mallella theertham was our first halt, it aint niagara but it had its own magic
deep in the gorge the waterfalls spelt sprinkling music, the aura was majestic
351 steps we climbed down and 351 steps we climbed up with halt every 50 steps
farther up the srisailam dam stood tall and huge,
no gates were open no water plunged from heights
but the bridge across was not that far but it shaked to our steps and soft beats
we took the ropeway and travelled width and breadth on boat and river waters
akkamahadevi caves said bats,16miles you travelled across to visit
dont scare us with your candles and torch the heat
the road map to ishta kameshwari was rugged and splintered with rocks amid forest deep
mahindra jeep said we take pride in our journey proving our mettle in cross country wild
disco was never so sweet rocking to the nature we sat with tension, holding breath
we breathed a sigh when it was all over and said
what a ride to remember and thanked our driver with plenty of tip
but that was not all, when beemuni kolanu invited us to take a pitch
we climbed down a mile with steps on gorge, one, two, three mountains deep,
sticks guarding from bear and monkey and what other animals roamed wild and hills steep
while our guide was a wild hog, carrying 50kg grass on his back to sell for cows and sheep
what a journey said we, four of us were we
the car was black but our smiles spelt white on close up teeth
a spiritual adventure was never so sweet
so we thanked god and said we cherish your spirit and glad to worship.

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Blogger Sheetal said...

I really enjoyed.It was a good journey.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Nalini said...

What a trip! A virtual reality. Transported me to Srisailam and brought back memories of my trip to Srisailam with my family (cousins et al).

Its a must see holy place which is spiritually enhancing and mentally relaxing.

That reminds me, time for me some spiritual connection. Time to make my trip to Srisailam again.......

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mahadev:
I need your help as I would like to go to sirisilam, but every one is trying to ripe off (travel agents) Can you please suggest the best route, as you live in andra you now the local routing.

the places I must visit is the all major shiv lingums in and near that. I'm flying to hyderabad from there had to go to sirisilam, vijayawada, triputi balaji, and hajur sahib in nanded (Maharashtra). please if you can suggest me the best routing at my email at, I will be thankful. thanks.

1:01 PM  
Blogger sim said...

hiii , we are planning to go to the aterfalls that yu hav mentioned can yu plzzz tell me the exact place where we hav to take diversion from the main roak

11:58 PM  
Blogger Madhav said...

Sorry guys, the links to snaps are not working as Epson stopped its free photo sharing system.

Best Regards,

3:54 PM  
Blogger earn money through internet said...

HI, u made a wonderful trip..really enjoyed I your posting.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Madhav
we are planning to go to the waterfalls that yu hav mentioned can yu plzzz tell me the exact place where we hav to take diversion. We are starting from Hyderabad.

Thanks in advance

3:48 PM  
Blogger Madhav said...

After crossing Mananur checkpost, you have to take a left turn. There would be clear markings and so, no need to worry.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous vvr said...

funny thing during the srisailam trip would be giving bribe of Rs.10/- at each checkpost(if u r travelling in ur own car).we didn`t know why we were giving bribr just to cross a checkpost.the policemen were taking Rs.10 from each private vehicle.with Rs.50 in pocket,any terrorist can happily visit srisailam.what a horror.god save us.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Madhav said...

@vvr: That didn't happened to us even after couple of visits. Maybe you are the lucky few. :)

9:41 AM  

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