Thursday, December 13, 2007

Team Outing Plan At Srisailam

Hi Guys,
Atlast, a team outing on the cards !!
Out of total 9 members in our team, 3 ladies opted out outright.
Two guys also opted out with varying reasons.
So, the rest of the 4 of us will go ahead with the initial plan.
We will leave from Hyderabad on 15th December and come back late in the evening on 16th.
We will go on my brother's Tata Indigo Marina car.

We have decided to the temple town of Srisailam - famous for Lord Shiva Temple, Krishna River and the huge Srisailam Dam, hills around and the best part is that it is located in the midst of the dense Nallamalai Hill Ranges.

Srisailam is around 220 KM from Hyderabad !!

We couldn't able to book the rooms at AP Tourism as there are no vacancies for those dates. So, we have to go there and find out.

Here is the Plan:
DAY 1:
* Reach Srisailam by 1PM
* Freshup and have lunch
* Go to the cable cars and visit Akkamahadevi Caves or boating at dam site.
* Visit Phaaladhara and Panchadhara - the great saint, Adi Shankaracharya wrote his famous book, "Shivananda Lahari" at this place.
* Come back, freshup and visit the temple
* Go back to the room, have dinner and sleep.

DAY 2:
* Getup, freshen up and visit the Temple.
* Have breakfast and visit Ishta Kameshwari Temple.

* Ishta Kameshwari Temple
* Mallela Teertham
* Bheemuni Kolanu

Once we get information on the above three, we would visit them too. As this areas is famous with left wing guerrillas, who are called as "Naxalites", some places may be off limits to the common man as security forces would be combing the forests for Naxalites !!

Scary na.....that's one reason why we want to go there.

List of all the Shivite Jyothirlingas in one single Sanskrit Sloka (Verse):

Saurashtre Somanaatham Cha Sree Saile Mallikarjunam
Ujjayinyaam Mahaakaalam Omkaare Mamaleswaram
Himalaye to Kedaram Daakinyaam Bhimashankaram
Vaaranaasyaam cha Viswesam Trayambakam Gowtameethate
Paralyaam Vaidyanaatham cha Naagesam Daarukaavane
Setubandhe Ramesham Grushnesam cha Shivaalaye ||

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