Thursday, November 29, 2007

Malaysian Discrimination

Hundreds of Hindu activists have been arrested, teargassed and caned for requesting their basic rights as citizens of Malaysia on 25th November. Around 5000 Hindus of Indian Origin marched towards the British Embassy demanding compensation for forcing their ancestors to Malaysia as indentured laborers. They were waving Malaysian Flags and carried posters of Mahatma Gandhi. 8% of Malaysians of of Indian origin.

The Indian Government didn't express a word of dissent against the Malaysian Government for forcing Hindus as second rate citizens. Ethnic Malaysian Chinese are helped by the Chinese and Singaporean Governments while Christians are helped by the US, UK, Australia and other Western countries. What about Hindus ?? Entire south east Asia was ruled by Hindu kings until they were crushed by the brutal Muslim onslaught in the 13th and 14th centuries. Now, Hindus have become second rate citizens and have lost all basic rights as the Malaysian independent courts are not competent enough and the parallel Sharia courts are against Hindus.

It is strange to note that Hindus have knocked the doors of Malaysia's erstwhile colonial rulers, the British instead of India. They are sure that they would face the same fate as the Hindus of Uganda who were forced and butchered by the army of Idi Amin. The Indian Government then turned a blind eye while the British were generous enough to take in the immigrants. The same thing happened in Fiji where the ethnic Indian Government (43.4% of Fijians of of Indian origin) was overthrown by the Army and India just didn't even muttered a word of protest.

What is that, that is holding back the Indian Governments since Independence not to speak, leave alone fight, for the rights of ethnic Indian citizens in other countries ??

The only one reason I find is Secularism !!

Indian secularism prevents South Block to go vocal on injustices meted out to Indian-origin people if they happen to be Hindus. Only Muslim sensibilities are deemed fit to be entertained by Indian envoys abroad. This message further emboldens the Jihadi intolerant rulers to take Hindus in their country for granted as a forlorn people for whom none would bother.

While majority of the countries (mostly Muslim countries) give preference to the majority community (Malaysia with their Bhumiputra policy), in India, it is the opposite. Our hands are tied by our Secular Constitution. Indians are secular because it is a Hindu majority country.

It is time we change this forever and give equal opportunity to everyone - including Hindus !!


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