Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are These Roads ??

Rains are good for agricultural sector and also for big cities as it helps in increasing the water table.
But, there are problems with rains. They create havoc with our beautiful roads and put the traffic in chaos.
Fine, the roads tend to give way and the Municipal Corporation has to take steps and fill in the gaps using concrete mixture or Tar.
But, who in the hell will get an idea to put bricks in the middle of the road to fill up the potholes??
Only Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation can do that !!

Below photo is taken at Lakdi-Ka-Pul, just across the road from our apartments.

Recently Hyderabad was declared as A-1 City. Thus, putting it beside the other Metropolitan Cities like New Delhi, Kolkotta, Mumbai and Chennai. A-1 City will get huge funds from the central government so that they can make it as a model city and improve the living standards of its citizens and enable greater investments.

But, is Hyderabad ready for it ?? As a true Hyderabadi, I sincerely doubt !!

Loot at what happened to one of the longest roads in Hyderabad - the Sardar Patel Road.

Due to improper drainage systems, water clog on the roads and thus the roads tend to give away its shine. The entire system of infrastructure had collapsed in the City.

Bhagyanagar has become Abhagyanagar !!

Snaps taken from Eenadu Newspaper dated 19th September 2007.

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