Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are We Safe ?

On Sunday (9th September) the Punjagutta Flyover which is under construction collapsed due to heavy rains.
Four innocent people died as the concrete slabs fell on their cars and three wheeler auto rikshaws.

Who is responsible ??
Are the safety norms followed ??
Had someone checked on the performance of the Contractor ??
How can the Government assure people that steps would be taken and such things would not repeat ??
Does the Government care for its people ??
Are we safe on the roads ??

Is the Government functioning ??



Blogger Cindrella said...

Useless to ask the question like :Is the Government functioning ??
Because "YES" definitely its functioning.
Its functioning for itself, its functioning for its relatives, for spreading red-tapism, its functioning for filling the pockets....its raining money on them....no matter many die out of hunger,its functioning for spreading political instability......for blaming and accusing the opposite parties...for causing traffic jams....for finding and chanting absurd slogans on the opposition,its functioning for showing and propagating how so much its working for the welfare of masses.
What else you expect.Tell me where is the time for thinking on a small bridge that if fall will definitely harm them because when they will be passing from there there will be tight security arrangements.
God bless the government, the proud of the nation.

10:45 AM  

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