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Hyderabad Blasts - Incapable Government

Of late, Hyderabad had become quite infamous and regular feature of bomb blasts. But the citizens of Hyderabad are proving again and again that no force on Earth can cause religious riots in the city. It is quite commendable that after the blasts, both Hindus and Muslims were helping each other in this time of trauma.
Those who have planned these blasts only want riots and insecurity in the city which is fast developing into one of the major IT and Pharma Hub in the country.
North India had become difficult to the terrorist agencies to strike as there is lot of security. South India and mostly parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have become safe areas to plan for strikes at bigger cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore.
Basically terrorists have no religion. Even though the point of suspicion for the blasts go to the Islamic Terrorist outfits, it should be noted that out of the dead, 14 were Muslims. That shows that terrorists dont care even if their own kin and kith are killed. They are here just to cause harm to the country.
Earlier, Indian Muslims (second largest concentration of muslims in the world) were untouched by the happennings in Bosnia or Afghanistan or Iraq. But, things have been changing now and local Muslim youth are getting attracted to Jehad. It is the Government's responsibility to make sure such things donot happen. Why will any person be attracted to die for the sake of religion ?

State Government Attitude:

It has become a habit to the State Government to pat it's back every time some major issue takes place. People are getting sick of the government's inefficiency. The Chief Minister says that "bomb blasts' happen everywhere in the world" and also he blames Pakistan and Bangladesh for every bomb blast that occurs.
I think it is hightime we stop blaming Pakistan for every terrorist incident that happens in the country.
What are out Intelligence Agencies doing ? India has one of the worlds best and most professional intelligence organizations. The main question is "Are we giving enough free hand to the agencies?". India's main problem is that politicians get involved into the investigations. They make sure that either the investigations go slow or sometimes shelved.
Look at the way the death sentence handed over by the country's highest court to the attacker of the parliament. It is not implemented due to the reasons well known to the politicians. They expect violence from Muslims !!
Look at the way Taslima Nasreen is attacked in Hyderabad (check my earlier post on this issue) by a person who is elected to the State Assembly by the people. He threatens her lifting a chair and that she would be killed if she visits Hyderabad again. All this is on camera !! And Nothing happens to them as the police hesitate to act against them fearing violence from his Muslim constituents.
Why is the government afraid of taking action ? Is it not sending wrong signals by letting such people do whatever they want to ??
When are we going to learn from the lessons ?
Until then, we have to wait for the next bomb blast !!

I feel pity for the citizens of Hyderabad and sadly, I am one amongst them!!



Blogger Cindrella said...

"When are we going to learn from the lessons ?" these lines gives the essence of what u r saying and the agony is, this question is meant for any of such terrific incidents happened before and being asked always and we will be keeping on asking but will never be answered untill those selfish bodies in govt. will face a man-made calamity on there own head, well not sure even than.

5:07 pm  
Anonymous seo.exp said...

And the political parties keep blaming the ruling government instead of extending a helping hand in such tragic incidents. A political party gave a bandh call. Is it necessary? These terrorist groups intention is just to create political instability in the state/country. And the political leaders are helping them out. Instead, we need to get together and prove that such cowardly acts by terrorist groups will not effect our life, government or country.

Jai Hind!!

2:23 pm  
Blogger NaughtyGirl said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello friends,

I read a report in Wikipedia on the recent bombings in Hyderabad. The concluding line says, "India has since 2004 lost more lives to terrorist incidents than all of North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Eurasia put together".

It is painful to realize that, we are indeed victims of terror. As mentioned in the article, we are really no better than some of the war raged countries in the world. What puts us in worse situations is that we are totally unprepared for any disasters or casualties.

From the continuous news bulletins, it was clear that IB passed on clear hints warning the State police which obviously went unheeded. The result, 42 innocent lives. As per the rumours, there were 19 other bombs unexploded. ‘What if they had also….?’ The question is too scary to be asked.

Who are victims in the line of fire between ruthless terrorism, unprepared governments and a public service mechanism grind that takes eons to respond? It is always ‘we the people’, who were not part of either terrorist organizations or our governing bodies.

The first reaction is always – ‘find someone to blame’. And that invariably becomes the slack government or national security mechanism or the disaster response system.

Maybe we should blame ourselves too?

Maybe we should question ourselves if we are alert enough? If we raise questions? If we let out our voices? Do we elect the right people? What makes us such an easily targeted nation? Why is infiltration into India so easy?

We have had 60 years of Independence to think and scores of movies asking the very same questions. And all this while, enemies have been planning, baiting and sending feelers like these terrorist attacks.

What can we do? As normal people going about our daily duties, going to office, buying vegetables, etc etc what can we really do?

Oh yes, we can do a lot. Little things, but which when carried forward make a great impact. Things like being alert and alerting security personnel around you when you see a suspicious looking bag/ package in a train, bus or wherever you are traveling.

If some security guard does not check you at any point whether it is the entrance to Charminar or IMax, its we who should ask them why its not happening. The government has issued public notices that have detailed information on how terrorist attacks can be thwarted. Following them alertly and assiduously is the least we can do.

The day seems not far when we will still be working away in air conditioned comfort while a technologically advanced terrorist throws a bomb right on our head from Dubai. So we better react, put on our magnifying glasses and pay attention to surrounding detail.

You can get the article at
For two days after the incident, I did not experience any traffic congestion on the roads. Hyderabad looked like a city in mourning.

11:33 am  

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