Monday, August 06, 2007

I Forgot Friendship Day !

I am one of the guys who's got many many friends and I make friends very easily and quickly. Some feel it is not good while some feel it is good. But, I cant help it as it is my nature.
Coming to friendship day......Yesterday (5th August 2007) was Friendship Day and I completely forgot about it.
Main reason was a new "Girl" in my life. She's made my life so busy and wonderful that I forgot everything around me. I meet her every weekend and I spend all the weekdays with a wonderful feeling of waiting for the weekend and meet the new girl in my life.

Guys.....before you start thinking negatively, I better tell you the girl.She is my new born girl child and she is 41 days till now. We are yet to give her a name and her Naming Ceremony is fixed for 26th August 2007.

Till then, I cannot name the new "Girl" in my life !!

Happy Monday !!


Blogger Cindrella said...

"Friend to All is a Friend to None" well said by Aristotle.
But i m sure all ur friends would easily deny this for u.

Well lot of hugs to ur current affair,ur lady love (ur baby)



4:24 PM  

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