Friday, August 10, 2007

Taslima Nasreen Attacked !

Noted Bangladeshi Author, Taslima Nasreen was attacked in our city of Hyderabad yesterday (9th August) by Islamic fundamentalist forces. She was here in the city to inaugurate Telugu version of her Novel when the attack happened. Luckily she was not hurt and was rushed away to the airport and took a flight back to Kolkata where she is living after it has become risky for her to stay in Bangladesh. Indian Government is yet to bet back to her on her application for Indian Citizenship.

Strangely enough, this small contingent of 25 violent persons were led by three local law makers ( we call them Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA)) who have sworn to abide by the law. It is sad to note that these very law makers were using vulgar language which cannot be written in the newspapers. They didnt even care that local TV cameras were capturing the entire event. They were just bent upon harming the very soul of Taslima Nasreen.

India is a democratic country and we have all rights to protest but not to harm a person physically or mentally. I might or might not support what the author has written in her books but I will never support causing personal harm to a anyone. Every person has the right to say or write what she/he wants. Indian Constitution gives us the right. If someone is not interested to abide by the law, they better emigrate to Pakistan or any other gulf country where they dont have "Democracy" in their dictionaries.

We cannot go on attacking and killing people who have expressed their right of expression guarenteed by Indian constitution. M.F. Hussain has become famous sketching nude images of Hindu Godesses in a country which has 82% of Hindu population. He has become quite famous and been pampered by cross section of the society. There were protests against his paintings but never he has been attacked.

Ours is one of the most civilized countries and it should be the way it is whether you like it or not.

It would be appreciated if Muslims follow what exactly is written in the Holy Quran instead of implementing their own versions of it. Holy books never preach violence. It is the humans who distort the meaning of these holy books.



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