Monday, August 27, 2007

Media Role During The Blast !

The attitude of the media during the twin Hyderabad blasts(one at Gokul Chat neat Koti and another at Lumbini Gardens) is highly deplorable.
In a race to be the first channel to show images, they were trampling on crucial evidence. The police have just to be onlookers as Media would write something against them if they stop them.
The media (mostly the local Telugu Channels) were airing gruesome images of the maimed bodies of the people in the blast. They forgot that there is something called dignity of a human being.
People were aghast to see dead pieces of the bodies were dragged from the vehicles onto the stretchers. My stomach churned seeing upper half body of an innocent person being dragged from a three wheeler onto a stretcher.
Then the pictures of the bodies thrown on the floor without any cloth on them have given a real bad image of the negligence we show to a dead person and the bad state our hospitals are.
On the contrary, the role of national channels like NDTV and CNN IBM have to be commended as they have blurred the gruesome images and also for their discussions on the security issues.



Anonymous seo.exp said...

I do agree with Madhav. I was anxious to see the news on local Telugu channels and my whole family was watching it and my 8 year kid too. But, as soon as the gruesome scenes were shown I was forced to switch channels as I did not want my kid to see them.

2:17 pm  

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