Friday, September 14, 2007

Conversion Menace

I was disturbed to read that Christian Missionaries have taken school children into a Hindu Temple at Rajahmundry (around 350 KM from Hyderabad)and lighted Candles.

If they do such things, they should also be ready to face violent resistance from Hindus. Things have changed now. Hindus are not keeping quiet against any attacks on them.

It would be good for everyone if Christian Missionaries stick to charity instead of trying to rake up religious riots.

They should not cry foul if there is a backlash as they are the ones who have started the battle.

Remember what happened in Orissa state where tribals lynched a foreign national who was trying to convert people.

Missionaries should make sure that such things donot happen in our state and it is in their hands to maintain peace.

They should not cross limits.

Dont put your fingers into someone's nose as ultimately it is your fingers that's going to become dirty !!

Live and Let Live...

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