Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Conjunctivitis in Hyderabad !

Conjunctivitis (Red Eye) is rampant in the twin cities.

Listed below are some precautionary measures to help handle the infection from spreading.

Conjunctivitis is highly contagious, so don't share towels, pillows, or washcloths with someone else.

* Change your pillowcase frequently.
* If you get conjunctivitis or other eye irritations frequently, we suggest you boost your immune system to help ward off infections. See Immune System in our Ailments section for products that may help.
* Wash towels and bedding frequently.
* Needless to say, keep your fingers out of your eyes!
* Wash your hands before and after touching your eyes, preferably with antibacterial soap.
* If the conjunctivitis comes at the same time as a cold sore, check with your doctor to make sure the herpes virus has not infected your eye. This is very important.
* If you use makeup, discard any you were using when you got conjunctivitis, as it is probably contaminated and is an easy way to spread it to your other eye.
* Look for berberine as an ingredient in herbal or commercial eyewashes. It is antibacterial and is quite effective against both staph and strep infections, two major causes of conjunctivitis.
* If you normally wear contact lenses, switching to glasses will help the infection clear up faster. The contacts hold the germs in the eye and are also irritating to the eye.
* If you go out in bright sunlight, wear sunglasses. Sunlight irritates pink eye.



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