Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Leaders" Irresponsibility !!

It is quite disturbing to note the behavior of our so-called Leaders during the time of emergencies.
They are the first people to rush to the places where bombs have just exploded. What would happen if there are other bombs hidden ?
They dont want to give time to the security agencies as they would lose the limelight. They are trampling on crucial evidence.
The police have to first take care of the people who are dead and carry the injured to the hospital. The first hour of the incident is very important as lot of lives can be saved.
The politicians and the media were busy doing their "duty" while the police had to just watch at them and the helpless injured waiting for someone to take them to the hospitals.
Dont the politicians have commonsense that they should and must not venture into the ICU talking the the injured.
Even the Media was not far behind. Channel after Channel were barging into the ICU interviewing the injured.

Dont these people have a responsibility ??
We dont have a mechanism to react during emergencies.
Atleast the Government should come out with one.
Better late than Never !

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