Friday, September 14, 2007

Ram Setu !

What is that the Government wants to prove when they contemplated to start the Sethu Samudram Project across the Palk Straits between India and Srilanka ?
Looks like they are trying to destroy everything important to Hindus.
Ram Setu (Bridge constructed by the Monkey Army to Srilanka to help Lord Rama wage a war against the Demon King, Ravana) is mentioned in the Holy Ramayana (written by Sage Valmiki, who is a contemporary of Lord Rama) and till now Hindus "believed" its existance - until NASA came out with the satellite images of Ram Setu. Thus, proving that it is not a belief but it is True.

The same thing happened regarding River Saraswati - which was mentioned in Hindu Scriptures as a River that is flowing below the land and comes out only to meet the Holy Ganga and Yamuna rivers at Triveni Sangamam neat Allahabad. This is also proved correct by Indian Remote Sensing Satellites.

What do we infer from the above ?? Those who wrote these scriptures are not common people. They have wide variety of knowledge in lot of areas.

Coming back to Sethu Samudram Project - Government wants to build a sea route between India and Srilanka - thus saving valuable time and cost as Indian Ships traveling from the West Coast to East Coast have to make a round trip across Sri Lanka.
This is a very good option - unless Ram Setu is not destroyed. It is proved beyond doubt that because of Ram Setu, entire Kerala and South Tamilnadu are not affected by the Tsunami !!

Please sign the online petition against the Ram Setu:
Save Ram Setu

Here is the satellite image of Ram Setu.

Effects of Destroying Ram Setu:
* Destroying the oldest man made structure which is more than 17,50,000 years old.
* Destroying the Coral Reeves.
* Destroying the ecological balance.
* Destroying the natural barrier against natural calamities like Tsunami.
* Destroying the sentiments of more than 800 Million people.

Here is a small video of the Ram Setu:

Note: Open this page in IE so that the Video gets stored at Temporary Internet Folder and from where you can copy this file to your Folders.

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