Friday, November 23, 2007

Taslima Nasreen - In the news, Again !!

This is the second time that Taslima Nasreen was in the news in the past 4 months. It was on 9th August that she was physically assaulted by Muslim fundamentalists in South Indian city of Hyderabad. Check my earlier post on the same - Taslima Nasreen Attacked.

She is back in the news when some Muslim extremists have taken out a march in the East Indian city of Kolkata on 21st November, where she is living under the protection of the Marxist state government.

The march took violent turn and protesters started pelting stones and torched buses and private vehicles. The Army and Rapid Action Force had to be called in to force peace. Curfew had to be promulgated in all the Muslim areas of Kolkata.

The Marxist under pressure had secretly moved her to the West Indian city of Jaipur and from where she is shifted today (23rd November) to New Delhi.

The way the Communist Government had acted led to wide spread protests from left wing poets and rights groups.

The government had caved in to the pressure of extremist groups - or is it an appeasement of minorities as is rampant with so called "Secular" politicians throughout the country ??

Why are the minorities so restive and not ready to think broadly ?? It is hightime they come out of their cocoonsand realize how fast the world is changing outside.


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