Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dirty Politics

As dirty as it sound, the politics in Karnataka have proved once again that politics is played in dirt.

The Bharatiya Janata Party resigned after losing the Confidence of the house as they couldn't cobble up the required strength on the floor of the house. Main culprit is their coalition partner, the Janata Dal (Secular) which refused to vote in favour of the BJP government.
As I am writing this post, the Central Government had imposed President's Rule in the state of Karnataka and kept the Assembly in Suspended Animation (which means that it can be activated as and when any coalition tries to form a government).

One reason is that key portfolios like Mining, Urban Development are retained by the BJP. The JD(S) considers these portfolios as "lucrative" and wanted these portfolios to be given to their ministers.

Second and most important reason is the Family Politics. Till now, Mr. Kumaraswamy was the Chief Minister. Kumaraswamy is the youngest of the four sons of former Prime Minister and JD(S) President, Mr. Deve Gowda. Now, his other son and Minister, Revanna wanted to enjoy the fruits and wanted to see himself in the seat of CM instead of BJP. From the beginning, he was against a tie up with BJP. His wife, Ms. Bhavani would soon join the party and contest from KR Pet constituency in Mandya District.
Now, Deve Gowda wants to make Revenna as CM with the help of Congress Party. Hectic parleys going on in New Delhi between the leaders of JD (S) and Congress.

Sources also said if Gowda had let Yeddyurappa continue in office, it could have been fatal for the JD-S in the next elections. Yeddyurappa had gathered huge public support after he, as finance minister, presented a budget where he provided loans to farmers at four per cent interest, waived of loans, banned both arrack and lottery. Gowda felt Yeddyurappa may score over the voter through better administration.

This time around, the people who have no political ethics should be routed and make them sit at Home and repent for what they have done to the state and its economy.

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