Friday, September 21, 2007

Evading Justice

Constitution of India states that Justice should be same for everyone irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed, rich or poor.

But, looking at some of the cases (mostly criminal) past many years, I feel that the Police are shielding the rich and the mighty. Common people are starting to have a doubt on the police and the judiciary too.

Take the cases of Qattrochi in the Bofors Scam, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Balakrishna and most recently the case involving the son of Andhra Pradesh Congress Chief who had allegedly shot dead his friend.

When the Police does a tardy investigation, judiciary has no option but to look at the circumstantial evidence and bail out the culprits.

Police in India by default donot have a good name in the hearts and minds of the people. Cases like the ones mentioned above only make the people more pakka in their opinion towards the police.

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