Friday, September 21, 2007

Fundamentalist Secularism - 2

This is my second posting on the same subject. Famous politicians of India are forcing me to do a re-post.

Take the example of Ram Setu controversy which has sent jitters down the spine of the Congress Party. A mistake by one of their Ministers has created a huge problem almost for the entire country. The comments of another two ministers only added fuel to the fire stating the Minister in question should have resigned.

The controversy has cooled down in North India and it has spread now into South India with the famous poet, lyricist, writer, orator, atheist and Dravidian Chief Minister of Tamilnadu jumping into the bandwagon and created more controversies. Being an atheist and with no responsibility, it is quite easy to show accusing fingers at others. He has questioned the existence of Lord Rama and instead of trying to defuse things, he is repeating the same in every possible manner.

The house of his daughter at Bangalore has been attacked by right wing Hindu protesters. It would have made sense if they have tried it on the Chief Minister himself - why on his daughter ?

Entire India, Tamilnadu is famous for its rich Hindu Culture and huge Hindu Temples carved with rock. It is an irony that the citizens of Tamilnadu are supporting an atheist Chief Minister!!

Simple question to the Chief Minister - Can he dare question the existence of Allah or Jesus ?? I dont think he will ever in his life do that !! That is the nature of so called Secular politicians in India.

Their sole existence is based on being Anti-Hindu !!

I always wonder why politicians give more value to the votes of Muslims and Christians who constitute just around 10% of the population while ignoring the votes of the remaining 90%.

That means Hindus are not united !! Problem lies with us - not them. Until we Hindus change our mindset and think unitedly, politicians like Karunanidhi exist.

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Blogger Sathiya said...

Madhav, I'm not an atheist but I don't agree with you 100%. When do you know about this Ram Sethu project? It's been in proposal for the past 100 years. Do you know that? Even Nehru has said that Ramayanam is just a story but I don't want to discuss about his existence here. People came to know about this Project only when BJP and other religious parties started making noise to be able to recapture the government. But Vajpayee only promised to construct this Canal earlier and who all are opposing now were supporting earlier. Think why? Don't they know about this earlier? That the cheap politics in India. They make use of the religious sentiments and convert them into votes. You had written about Evading Justice here and about Myanmar issue lastly. So, in this Democratic country there is a right for everyone to speak. We should challenge them in writing only and not through violence. It won't make sense if Karunidhi was attacked. These religious people (BJP) were the ones who killed Gandhiji who was a follower of Ram. With the name of Ram they destroyed the ancient Babar Mosque in Ayodhya and now they are trying to stop Ram Sethu Canal. Havin said this I accept that because of Karunanidhi's statement against Ram this matter went in the wrong direction. But just to oppose him don't support the other religious parties which is what they are aiming for. Be educated and wake up!

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