Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why Are These Bastards Elected ??

Due to one small altercation, 16 children perished in the Government run Niloufer Children's Hospital in Hyderabad.

The person in the eye of the storm is Karwan MLA, Mohammed Afsar Khan (Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly in Andhra Pradesh State). I thought it prudent not to put his image here so as not to scare away readers of this post.

The trouble started when one person, Juwaid Khan brought his daughter to the hospital for treatment. At that time the doctors were busy and he started an altercation with the doctors accusing them of not caring for the child and thrashed the Doctor on duty. The Doctors complained to the Police and Juwaid was immediately arrested by the Hyderabad City Police.

Now, the honourable MLA, who is elected by the people comes with a compromise formula and during heated arguments, his goons thrash few more senior doctors. The MLA himself looses cool and manhandles one Dr. Suresh in front of the Police. This incensed the Doctors and they went on a flash strike.

The police books a case just under nuisance sections while the doctors insist he be booked under criminal offense as he had manhandled doctors.

It is to be noted that this same honourable MLA is involved in an attack on writer, Taslima Nasreen on 9th August at Hyderabad.

Being from Muslim community, the Government was not ready to arrest the MLA, which might lead to riots in the old city.

Meanwhile, 16 innocent children died past couple of days due to doctors strike and non-availability of essential medicine.

Who is to blame for all this ?? The MLA or the Doctors or the Government who is not in a position to arrest a person who instead of maintaining decorum and dignity, uses filthy language before the media and provokes his goons to attack doctors and police.

Why is this insane person getting elected by the Muslim majority population of his constituency ? Why is this guy so violent and doesn't follow any written laws and why is the Government standing naked in front of him ??

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Blogger Sathiya said...

I would blame the doctors for this. It's their job to save one's life and how can they just let the small children die in front of them. It's truly inhuman. They can continue their protest in several other ways and not by refusing to attend to patients. People consider Doctors next to God.....Will these doctors do the same thing if their own kids need treatment?

7:29 PM  

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