Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What is TRS Gameplan ??

Past couple of days, I was observing all these TRS guys and those belonging to Telangana JAC are at the back of Chandrababu Naidu (TDP President) forcing him to take a decision on the issue of separate Telangana.

I was wondering why all these so called JAC leaders are not asking any of the Congress Party leaders like the Chief Minister or Congress Head in AP or even Sonia Gandhi to spell out their decision. Why are they only after TDP ??

Somehow, Iam losing trust on these TRS and Telangana JAC guys in getting a separate state. What have they achieved by resigning from their posts ?? Nothing.

Looks like it is TRS game plan to corner TDP indirectly helping Congress. Later, TRS would bargain with Congress regarding posts once Telangana is formed. These guys are ganged up against TDP so that TDP guys would be forced to keep fighting a party which has just around 10 MLA and 2 MP seats. Why should anyone listen to TRS ?? They have never ever kept their word.

One question to KCR - Why is he keeping mum or not that vociferous since he came back from New Delhi ?? There is a rumour that he is handsomely paid or assured huge projects or maybe threatened!!

Never Trust Politicians !! They are all the Same !!


Anonymous Nagaraj said...

May be the match is already fixed and KCR is assured about T-State formation and SKC is just an act of releasing tensions by buying time. Having said that I agree Not to trust politicians! Politicians are always politicians - the bloodless and heartless, human look alike species on this earth. Their presence is global!

11:59 PM  
Blogger vamshi said...

May be becoz we have some leaders from andhra congress like Botsa supporting the Telangana state and none from the TDP on the andhra side doing this. Also I am seeing after YSR is gone, CBN is the only obstruction for Telangana formation now. YS Jagan is against telangana but I dont think he can never be as strong as CBN or YSR.

I would trust KCR until i see something credible against him. KCR is a master strategist. Some of them work and some of them dont. He has so far built a good movement, at times he might take the movement one step back but most of the times he comes backs strong.

KCR immediately after ending the fast asked his supporters to say Thank you to Sonia and not him. May be he is assured of the telangana state then. Lets see what happens.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous RAJ KUMAR said...

There is the reason behind asking Chandra babu again and again...why because he is the only one who is deadly against formation of telangana because you please go through his statements on telangana, before and after dec 9. before dec 9 statement of telangana from central gov he forced the cong gov to declare telangana and we will give full support..

But. Immediately after the declaration from central govt he gave the statements againest telangana like a small child stating that (ardharatri prakatistara) how you will declare at mid night. And who is Mr. Chidambaram to declare.. like this his statements was directly pierced the hearts of telangana people......

Why jac leaders are not asking congerss party means.. Congress party is the party which already announced the formation of telangana from upa gov on dec 9.

Each and each party will have only one agenda like PRP-(samikya andra) BJP-(jai telangana) TRS-(jai telangana) CPI-- CPM-- etc..all these parties are having there clear agenda but the only party with a confused state is TDP

TDP mla's are confused and making the people to confuse. This is the reason why.. T JAC and all telangana people are behind TDP Chandra Babu ( eppatikaina oka spastamina vikari ckeppa valasina avasaram TDP Chandra Babu ke unnadi )
What ever it may be if telangana is not declared after december 31. entire ap is going to face earth quake this is true ..and in this quake the first targeted party is congress that’s after dec 31


12:56 AM  

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