Saturday, January 27, 2007

American Mercenaries in Iraq

5 American Mercenaries were abducted and killed in Iraq this week. They neither are civilians nor they belong to the US Army. The Bush Administration had hired (a conservative estimate) 48,000 American Mercenaries who are not accounted for their actions in a combat atmosphere.
In the State Of Union Address on 23rd January, Bush had stressed for an increase in the number of soldiers to Iraq and also to raise Civilian Reserve Corps. This is nothing bu hiring mercenaries.
Is the US conducting a "War on Terror" or "Creating Terror" ??

Here is an article that appeared in Los Angeles Times -
American Mercenaries

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saddam Hanging !!

While the entire world is stunned by the videos and pictures that came out after Saddam is hanged, one should not forget what sort of terror tactics he had used to subdue the majority Shia population and also the Kurds in the North.

Maybe, he is the only leader (is he a leader??) in the entire world who had used Chemical Weapons on his own population. His notierity in stamping any opposition to his rule is well known. One should also not forget his war mongering nature for attacking Iran and then Kuwait and leading to killing of millions of people.

He had paid for his "Karma"

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Matt Cutts India Visit

Hi Guys,
Matt Cutt (Guru of SEO) is planning a visit to the Google Office at Hyderabad in this year. Check his post on the same.