Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TRS MP's and MLA's Resign

Losing trust on Congress Party and putting pressure on the Telangana Leaders of Congress Party, the Members of Parliament of Telangana Rashtra Samithi resigned from the Lok Sabha yesterday at New Delhi and the Members of Andhra Pradesh State Legislature resigned today at Hyderabad.

Please view the map of Nizam State (Hyderabad State) which was broken down into parts and some parts added into Maharashtra (Parbhani, Osmanabad and Aurangabad) while some parts merged with Karnataka (Raichur, Gulbarga and Bidar) and the remainder merged with Andhra State.

Sonia's Meeting Canceled:
On March 14th, Sonia Gandhi is opening the new Hyderabad Airport - longest runway in Asia. The name of the airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It has become common for the Congress Party regime in Andhra Pradesh naming every small building or project on the names of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi as if there are not state leaders of high stature.

The Congress Party planned to organize a massive public meeting addressed by Sonia Gandhi. But the high command today sent a message from New Delhi informing the State Congress that the meeting stood canceled. They are expecting trouble from TRS members coming to the meeting in the guise of Congress party members. Also, questions would be raised by congress members from Telangana region about separate statehood. To run away from answering awkward questions, the Congress Party canceled the public meeting.

Instead, Sonia would be addressing a public meeting in Andhra region and flying directly to inaugurate the new airport and then taking a direct flight back to New Delhi. Such is the situation of the ruling party that its all India leader is fearing to address a public gathering in Hyderabad.

This shows the pitiable situation the party is in.

Why have the brought it to this extent ?? They fought previous elections cohabiting with TRS for a separate state. When they came into power, they are shying away from it, thus fooling those who voted them to power.

This time round, people from Telangana Region should ensure a resounding defeat to Congress Party in Telangana. Then they will understand that they should never play with the sentiments of people.

Jai Telangana !!

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