Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will Chiranjeevi Jump Into Politics ??

This is the question that is ringing in the minds of everyone in Andhra Pradesh and also in the head quarters of some of the national parties in New Delhi.
Everybody, starting from Politicians to actors to common public is talking about this issue except one person - Chiranjeevi himself !!
He is maintaining a strict silence on this issue and saying that he would talk at a right time.

His younger brother, Naga Babu (who has acted in couple of movies) is busy talking to Chiranjeevi Fans Associations across the state.
I think he also talk to the common public and conduct a secret poll in the state to ascertain the mood of the public.

Will Chiranjeevi Succeed as a politician ?? Will public support him ?? Can he gain a majority in the assembly if he jumps into politics ??
Does Chiranjeevi have command and charisma of attracting voters ??
Can he convert his fans into voters ??
Will he join an existing political party or launch his own party ??
Questions ! Questions ! More Questions !
Answer - Fingers crossed !!

It is a world wide phenomenon of actors becoming politicians and ruling state assemblies and at many places, the country itself.
The legendary Telugu actor, N.T. Rama Rao successfully contested and won a thumping majority in the state assembly and he had left a very important mark in the state politics and also in the Central Government by stressing about Telugu Pride and how the Hindi speaking states and politicians are looking down on the South.
He could able to successfully convert his charisma into votes thus forming first non-congress Government in Andhra Pradesh when his Telugu Desam Party won a comfortable majority in the state assembly.

Can Chiranjeevi re-enact the same scene ?? Quite possible in movies but very very difficult in politics where you already have lot of players and the competition is quite high among the existing political parties.
There is not much scope for a new party - but not sure if Chiranjeevi wants to test the waters.

Personally, Iam a great fan of Chiranjeevi with his exceptional acting and dance skills.
He worked hard up the ladder by acting first as a villain in his initial years of acting career and slowly developing his dance and acting skills, became a Hero.
He is a very down to earth person like Tamilnadu's Rajanikanth, Karnataka's Raj Kumar and Kerala's Mamooty.

Yesterday, when Chiranjeevi's fans (??) attacked another actor Rajsekhar for his remarks against Chiranjeevi, Chiru (as he is famously called as) went to Rajsekhar's house, waited for the actor for 45 minutes at his house and personally apologized to him before the media.
That shows how humble and concerned he is !

Rajsekhar, who is a supporter of Congress Party said that he would not support Chiranjeevi in politics as he is not having experience.
The media had blown it out of proportions fuelling passions among Chiranjeevi fans who attacked Rajsekhar in Hyderabad.

Personally Iam against Chiranjeevi coming into politics.
Politics is pretty messy and it would unnecessarily bring down his image.
Instead, he can concentrate on the good work he already started through Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust.

Iam a regular blood donor at CCT !!

Along with Blood Bank, he can open Non-Profit based Schools, Colleges and many more.
His name would be remembered through the generations for his good work.
It should be noted that some politicians from his caste have indicated to come out of the party they are representing of Chiranjeevi comes into politics.
Chiranjeevi is liked, loved and respected by millions irrespective of caste or religion.
Before jumping into politics, Chiranjeevi has to take this into consideration.
If not, he would become another caste leader.

Looks like everyone, along with me is talking - it's high time Chiranjeevi takes a decision now !!

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Blogger Sathiya said...

Yes, you are right. For doing social service, one need not be in Politics. He can do on his own as Chiru is already doing and he can even indirectly force the government to do good things for people. Same thing happened with Rajini and finally he said he won't come to politics when he realized that the politicians started playing games with his name.

11:20 AM  

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