Friday, January 18, 2008

Problems with Private Banks

I had my first brush with the problems related to Private Banks here in India. They are hardcore marketers when coming to aggressively pushing for new accounts or credit cards or loans but when coming to followup and service, they lack behind.

First time in my life, I approached ICICI Bank for a Personal Loan and a person working on "behalf" of the Bank approaches me and does all the clerical work and come to my house and office for checking whether I gave the address correct and then he checks the references I put up and then sends me an SMS that my loan has been approved and then VANISHES !!

After a week, I approach the Bank directly and they say they dont know about the guy who is roaming around carrying ICICI Bank Forms. I had to apply again but it gets rejected on the fact that I had earlier applied for a loan. This was ridiculous and I tried to reason with the guys there but no one was hearing.

So, I did the best I could do in my hands - block my phone number so that no bank can contact me for loans.

If you also want to do it, just go to the following URL:

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