Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Media Role

Of late, it has become common for the Media to highlight something that needs a passing mention.

Two girls were molested on New Year's Day in Mumbai outside the Marriott Hotel as they were proceeding towards Juhu Beach at around 1.45AM Tuesday. It is reported that two girls who were with their male compatriots were targeted by around 60-70 people. The two girls were molested while their male compatriots were watching helplessly as they were pinned down by the mob.

Mumbai Police said no complaint has been filed yet in this connection, but the local edition of a leading English daily published a series of photographs on the incident. While the faces of the girls are blurred in the photographs, their male compatriots are easily recognizable.

I've wrote a post on Media Role in August 2007 and I see that things haven't changed and I expect that they will go further down the drain unless the Central Government comes out with rules and regulations on such issues.

Even though there are such rules existing, the Government is turning a blind eye as it cannot take on the powerful media.

While some in the media are playing a positive role in bringing out issues related to national importance, some among them are creating such problems. Just to earn Ratings, it is not healthy for the media to aggressively meddle in such sensitive areas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes madhav i agree with you. Media people are generating revenue from all kinds of situations. I dont know where we land finally. I hope in future government will make rule to avoid this kind of abuse issues


2:07 PM  

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