Monday, January 21, 2008

Collective Punishment by Israel

Since Sunday, entire Gaza Strip in the Palestinian State went out of power as the only power plant owned by the Hamas-led Government is suffering from fuel shortage. The Gaza City plunged into darkness as the turbines were shut off.

As of now, the Hospitals, Offices, Schools and everything is running on generators and once the diesel used for generators also get finished, then the lives of hundreds of people in the hospitals would be in jeopardy. While the emergency machines are running, it seems it is very cold inside the hospitals.

A local health official, said hospitals faced a catastrophic choice between cutting "electricity on babies in the maternity ward or heart surgery patients" or stopping operating theaters.

Israel supplies around 60% of Fuel to Palestine while 8% of fuel is supplied by Egypt and the rest is developed by Palestinians. Israel is insisting the Hamas-led Government to stop shooting Qassam Rockets into the Occupied Areas and into Israel. Once that is done, they would immediately re-start fuel transportation.

Palestinians have very few weapons to fight the modern technology Israeli Army uses and one of them is the highly unstable and ineffective Qassam Rockets. These rockets could able to cause very limited damage and very very rare death. Whenever a rocket lands in Israel, Israel is responding with its modern weaponry and blasting out buildings without caring for the civilians inside it.

The 2006 skirmishes with Hamas led to death of more than 1200 Palestinians (majority of them are civilians) and around 169 Israelis dead (majority of them are from the Army). Instead of stopping Israel of its barbaric acts, the West is happily co-operating with it.

India is also not far behind. We are buying latest technology and arms from Israel and today, Indian Space Research Organization put one of the most sophisticated spy satellite belonging to Israel into Polar Orbit so that Israel can better spy on Iran.

Due to these acts, Israel is only encouraging Hamas and pushing public support to it. Israel has to come out with Confidence Building Measures (CBM's) if it really wants peace with Palestine. How many more years can Palestinians live Occupied ? There should always be a "give-and-take" policy. It is time Israel understands that before it is too late.

Both sides should give peace a chance and Israel being stronger country, needs to be more accommodating and magnanimous.

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