Monday, February 11, 2008

Sonia Gandhi Insults Telangana

Another instance which clearly shows that Sonia Gandhi has to learn Indian ways of living and giving respect.

A group of Congress Leaders from Telangana Region led by Deputy Leader of Congress Party in the Lok Sabha and Congress Working Committe (CWC) Member, Mr.G.Venkata Swamy (Lok Sabha Member from Peddapalli Constituency in Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh) went to New Delhi to seek a meeting with Sonia Gandhi to put pressure on formation of separate state of Telangana.
He is one of the most respected and oldest member of the Congress Party. He's been with the party for almost 50 years. He was accompanied by some of the most senior Congress Party members from Telangana region.

The entire team met all the members of the Core Committee, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, which was setup to deliberate on the separate state demand. Sonia Gandhi refused to meet them inspite of the leaders waiting for a full 4 days for her "Darshan".
These are elders of the party and they went to meet the party leader, instead of respecting them of their age and what they have done for the party for so many years, the "Leader" who is imported from Italy choose not to meet them.
Basic courtesy should have been shown to the leaders. They should have been given audience and then should have told them that she would look into the demand. The gross disrespect she had shown only proved that she has scant regard towards the aspirations of the people.

This disrespect is not to the Congress Party leaders - This is for the entire 35 Million people of Telangana region.
It is time all the leaders of all the parties fighting for a separate state resign from their posts and launch an all out agitation.

Telangana NOW if not, it would be NEVER !!


Blogger D said...

If we leave the whole Telangana sentiment aside, this particular incident goes to show what kind of representation our state has in the center and why none of the states demands are met. But it only goes to show the kind of legacy system that Congress has and how it fails, time and again, to serve the people.

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