Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Controversies Trail Sania Mirza

Felt sad knowing that Sania Mirza has pulled out of Bangalore Open. Asia's top ranked and world's 29th ranked tennis player said that she is not in a right frame to play for the Bangalore Open where Sarena Williams is expected to play.

Recent off-play controversies have been troubling her and at one point of time, she planned to quit playing the game itself.
After a very long time, India has produced a very talented tennis player and people from Mullah's to the Nationalists are bent upon pulling her down.
This is not good for the country of more than a Billion people.

The Mullah's are already targeting her being a Muslim girl wearing skimpy clothes. Maybe, they are unaware that playing Tennis wearing a veil from head to toe is just impossible. Let them try once and then start giving lectures.

Other controversy being Sania Mirza appearing a commercial advertisement which was shot at the famous Mecca Masjid at her home town, Hyderabad.
The Masjid Committee put up a case against her saying she did the ad without taking permission. These guys have to understand that it is the responsibility of the Ad company to take due permissions and not the actors themselves. Sania Mirza had to personally apologize in a paper statement.

Another controversy been that she was photographed with her legs somewhere near the Indian Flag when she was playing for Hopman Cup in Australia. A guy from Bhopal filed a case against her for defaming the national flag. We need to understand that she is playing for the country and no Indian would defame the national flag. Sania Mirza is such a person that she would keep her personal fame at stake for the sake of the Nation. No one can dare question her Nationalistic feelings as she is one of a very few players who are playing for the sake of the country.

I think it is time that the Mullah's and the Nationalists leave Sania and let her bring fame and good name to the country in the field of Tennis.

Sania doesnt need the support of either the Mullah's or the Nationalists. She needs support from ordinary and original Indians - LIKE YOU AND ME !!


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Blogger Damyanti said...

It is nice to see my views on Sania Mirza summarized so beautifully:).

A friend of mine just shifted to Hyderabad, and it is nice also to read a blog written from there.

12:11 pm  
Blogger Sathiya said...

I think almost every Indian would have the same views on Sania as that of yours. Me too but I was not happy when she opted out of Bangalore open. It's like a victory for those people who tries to get publicity by dragging Sania's name as it happens always in India. She must realize the fact that she is one of the most happening celebrity world wide and these controversies do revolve around the celebrities. The controversies involving Paes and Bhupathy are far more than what's happening with Sania but still they don't quit playing. I'm sure in future Sania will take more matured decisions and handle the controversies well.

8:45 am  

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