Friday, February 29, 2008

Israeli Army Kills 5 Children

Yesterday, responding to rocket attacks on Sderot, Israeli Army launched almost a dozen air strikes killing 20 Palestinians. The dead include members of the rocket squads who are shooting the Qassam Missiles into Sderot and Ashkelon. The dead also include 5 children between 8 and 12 years who were playing soccer.

There would have been a world wide condemnation if this has happened in any western country but since this has happened in Palestine, who cares !! Till how many more years Palestinians have to suffer like this.

While one person died due to the rockets from Hamas, Israel killed 31 Palestinians including 14 civilians, among them 8 children.

I do understand the problems these Qassam Rockets create but how effective are these rockets ? Our of 50 rockets, one rocket would hit the target causing injuries or at the maximum a casualty. Compare that to Israel's heat seeking missiles, multiple barrel rocket launchers, most advanced Tanks, Fighter Planes like the US built F-16's, Apache Helicopters, Drones and not to forget the spy satellites.

Israel also attacked democratically elected Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh. The US says it supports democracy but why are they keeping quiet when Israel has attacked the personal office democratically elected Prime Minister of Palestine ?

Israel lost the previous war with Hamas when Hamas snatched two Israeli soldiers from the border. Israel could able to only hit civilian targets like buildings killing innocent people and Israel, with all its high end weaponry was targeting infrastructure like bridges and electric stations. With electricity gone (check my previous post on Collective Punishment By Israel, it effected emergency health services.

Israel should understand that it is achieving nothing except create more militants by targeting civilians. It has to start building Confidence Building Measures for a peaceful future before Hamas lays its hands on more sophisticated weaponry from Iran or Syria. It is learned that during the recent border breach with Egypt, Hamas militants have smuggled in Iran's long range Grad Missiles. Looks like options are narrowing down for Israel before world forces it to make peace.

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