Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Iran Is Not A Push Over

Media and Intelligence reports suggest that US is planning for a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. But, how much feasible is anyone's guess taking into consideration the vast land mass Iran consists of and the secrecy in which it maintains its nuclear and other military facilities.

But a question arises - Why cannot Iran have a Nuclear Weapon when countries like India, Israel and Pakistan who have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) have ??

Pakistan has given a completely new meaning to Proliferation as it manages a huge Nuclear industry supplying nuclear material to countries like North Korea and Iran clandestinely through its infamous Nuclear Scientist, A.Q. Khan. Countries who have nuclear capabilities have either openly or clandestinely been transferring nuclear technology to its friendly countries. So, NPT has lost its meaning - the main reason why India didn't sign it.

Coming to the main issue - when a country like Israel, which is just around 500KM from end to end can possess a nuclear weapon, why cannot Iran ?? Israel is been actively aided by US in its pursuit for nuclear and other military hardware. Now, Israel is in a position to export military hardware to countries like India. Incidentally, Israel occupies second position with regard to military imports by India, just after Russia, India's closest friend since the cold war years.

If US or Israel attacks Iran, it would lead to wide spread protests from many countries - including India. Majority of India's oil imports come from Iran and when the economy is on a high, India cannot risk losing it's vital input for driving its economy.

On September 6th,Israeli jets attacked Syria and destroyed a building. There is no official word on the incident from Israel and Syria also retaliated with very mild protests. So, what did Israel bombed ?? Analysts say that it might be a nuclear facility which is in its initial stages of construction or either a Chemical Bomb related facility. Syria concluded that it is an un-used military facility.
Israel had sent a message to Iran through the bombing that it would not let any country in its periphery which develops weapons that might lead to its destruction.

How many more years should Israel live like this - attacking its neighbors, occupying their lands, living in danger and waiting for another suicide blast ?? Since Israel is the occupier, it has the responsibility to make peace with its neighbors.
The only solution looks to me is a Free Palestine !!
Because of this one reason, Muslims all over the world hate Israel and US. If this problem is solved, then there would be no hatred.

Let us all give peace a chance !

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