Friday, March 07, 2008

Kosovo Declares Independence

Kosovo, which is a part of Serbia declared independence from Serbia on 17th February 2008 with active support from America and its European allies France, Britain and Germany.


This has divided the opinion  of lot of world capitals and countries like Russia and China protesting and countries like Indonesia and Srilanka criticizing the independence declaration.

Kosovo's contains 2 Million Muslim population of which 10% is Orthodox Christian. During the middle ages, Christian Serbia was on the borders with Muslim Turks and in the war, Turks converted Bosnians into Islam and crushed Serbs at the battle of Kosovo in 1389.

The former Yugoslavia has crumbled and it is torn apart by internal strife and ethnic cleansing during the 1990's. Present day Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and now the declaration of Independence by Kosovo !!


While Serbia is right at getting pissed off as one part of it has broken the country, Russia is particularly angry as this independence declaration was immediately authenticated by the US and its cronies in Europe.

Kosovo's declaration of independence has opened a Pandora's box where disputed regions throughout the world might start declaring independence and irresponsible countries like the US and its feet lickers in the Europe like Britain, France and Germany okaying whatever the US does.

While China is worried by a similar action by Taiwan (China pledged that its army would walk into Taiwan the day it declares independence) and Xinziang area where Uighur Muslim rebels are fighting for a separate country and Tibet too is a problematic area. Srilanka is worried that LTTE might declare independence and even some world capitals okaying it. Indonesia had already lost East Timor and it's on the verge of losing Aceh too. Thailand is fighting its Muslim rebels in three of its southern provinces. Similar situations exist in Darfur region of Sudan and the Shan, Kachin and Rakhine (Arakan) provinces of Myanmar.

Russia is already fighting a war with Muslim rebels in Chechnia, Dagestan and Ingusetia. While the Georgian and Armenian enclaves like Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh are fighting to merge with Russia. Pakistan is fighting with Pakhtoon Nationalists who want independence from Pakistani suppression.

Closer Home, India is already fighting with Muslim extremists in Kashmir, Sikh extremists in Punjab , Christian and other ethnic extremists in the north east India.

India has a lot to worry with this Independence declaration by Kosovo as this is been endorsed by the US and other European countries. What happens if in the future Kashmiri Separatists declare independence and some Muslim countries recognizing it ?

Would US allow separation of Iraq along ethnic Sunni / Shia / Kurd regions ? Would England allow Northern Ireland to separate and give full political rights to the Catholic Irish community ? Sametime, would the US give separate country to its Indigenous Indians whom the Whites suppressed past many centuries ??

If they cannot do that, whey are they supporting separatist movements across the world ??

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Blogger Vijay said...

We cannot generalize any situation. A lot of these things have happened every now and then.

Ethiopia seperating from Eritrea, Czech and slovakia, break up of USSR. Some were immediately recognized and some were not. It all depends what each actions holds for the rest of the world. These things will continue forever.

8:23 AM  

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